Paint a picture of the words...

The other night, one of my family members decided it was a must that I see 106 and park... Now, I havent seen this show in ages and I must say... not too much has changed. "2 step" songs for the ladies in the club, songs about money, cars, etc... I ain't even too mad at that though. The problem I have is with the lack of creativity in the music videos in the countdown I saw. Its the same stuff over and over again. Im wrong? Ok.

Exhibit A:

I love the Chalie Boy Song, "I Look Good". Very catchy and he's singing pretty good on his hook without heavy use of autotune (which equals an automatic win in my book). Reminds me of Ceelo Greene a lil bit (but Ceelo can sing a lot better).

Look at his video:

But we've this same video over and over again of people standing out in front of cars.

Exhibit B:

Is Birdman's Money to blow, which for some reason REFUSES to allow anyone to embed. But thas cool cause his "son" did the same video a lil while ago except he included a band amongst his women and there was less money being flashed...

OR you could compare it to...

Still not enough?

Omarion did the all black and white dance routine with some added randomness for no reason:

Only to be DESTROYED in the SAME countdown by Chris Brown doing the same type of dancing... only MUCH better with a more well put together video AND CREATIVITY!!!

Part of the problem could be what we are talking about... It could be a lack of vision... I blame the writers, though. If you don't tell a different story, how can you expect to display a different story visually that correlates to it?!? I dont know. And while you shake your head and say Im biased, I point your head to creativity...


Sharam feat Kid Cudi - She Came Along


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Talib Kweli - Hot Thing
(even though it WAS the HP commercial, still different for a music video)

OutKast - GhettoMusick OR Ms. Jackson

And for Kicks...

Taylor Swift - You Belong with Me
(Which DID deserve to beat Single Ladies. Yes, I did say it. Single Ladies had a dance routine in front of a white wall... No visual creativity. Its been done before.)

Stuff like this doesnt last too long 106 (Unless your name is Jay Z, Rihanna, or Kanye...) And as a result, doesnt get seen.

Ninja Assassin First Impressions

Its been a while since we've done one... But check it out.

"Anti-Social" Networking

The longer I spend on these social networks connecting with friends, the more I realize that these social networks aren't really all that their advertised to be. I'm sittin here lookin at my friends list of hundreds of people and thinking to myself "If we're friends, why don't I have your phone number?!? And if I do, why don't we ever talk by using it - text or phone call?!? And although many will give the response of "its not that serious", which may be true, I still cant understand the point of being "friends" with someone you didn't like/don't talk to back in middle school, only to proceed to NOT talk to them over the internet. (?!?) But maybe I'm wrong... Seems like a set up to me... Real stalker-ish... Voyeuristic even...

Im the type of person that likes to talk to each and every single last one of my friends; be it online, over text, on the phone or in person. Thas just the type of person I am. The online world is different... In the online world you bump into a person's online virtual representation of themselves... Rarely the true individual. I cant be friends with a representative. Take Twitter for example: Twitter is a list of status updates where people are constantly telling you what they are up to. Its been deemed "a blog for lazy people." Looking at it in another light, sometimes the replies amongst "friends" can turn it into a massive chat room. The problem is 65% of it aint real. Examples, you say? Ok... Explain to me, if you're having such a great time at a club at 2:30 in the morning, why you would stop dancing, put down your drink, go to the corner and tweet "Club suchandsuch is CRAZY tonight!!!" And then proceed, over the next 30 minutes to an hour, to describe the women/men in the establishment with you....

Come on... Really?!?

While I like the inspirational quotes that come around, updates in current events, free mixtape download links and the occasional "conversation" with people who are sitting at home or at their jobs, that "I just got some popeye's chicken" or "I hate all men" fluff can get a little overwhelming if done in surplus. Some are funny, I will admit... but others... delete...

Facebook seems to be a little more "grown-up" than the other websites; Still casual, but not as messy as Myspace and not as "make believe" as twitter can sometimes be... But the same rules apply. I feel like, if we're gonna be friends, lets be friends. Meet me at the waffle house and lets eat. Invite me to the house to watch the superbowl game. Lets go to the movies. I dont wanna be friend number 3,428 outta 6,539. I cant be just a number.

If facebook, twitter, or myspace is to be our only form of communication, lets at least USE it as a form of communication. No more lying. No more pretending. Let people see the real you. Otherwise, the network is pointless. Long story short: be real and be friends with your "friends" or don't be friends... Now, let me get back to tweeting...