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And so today I showcase yet another blog friend of mine...  Meet Cp from Daddiology: 101.  His blog deals with the personal experiences of being a man and being a father in this day and age. Read his most recent post below and be sure to visit his blog for other similar writings.


Written by CP of Daddiology: 101

I’m man enough to admit that at the end of most days when
everyone is in bed and recharging for the next day, it’s usually me laying
face down on the canvas, beat down by a couple of little girls. But even though they may be powerhouses in our home, in the real world they’re just two little sweet, polite, loving and happy children. And it scares the shi crap out of me every time I think about them being vulnerable to any of the craziness going on in the world these days.

Oral sex in a pre-school

There is no other way to describe this situation other than "sad".  This upcoming generation needs help... and a lot of prayer. Apparently, there is this 5 year old little girl who is performing oral sex on other 4 and 5 year old boys at a pre-school in California.

This is absolutely terrible.

Not only is it terrible that the 5 year old girl - who obviously learned this behavior from being around an irresponsible adult - is doing this, it's also terrible that these two little boys have been exposed to an experience that they are too young to responsibly handle. It really sinks in when the father says during the interview that he doesn't know what school to put his son in because he doesn't want to release a predator - the predator being his son who is now looking to relive this feeling.

Recognizing "Good Enough"

So I'm sitting here and I begin to think about this comment I saw on a twitter where this girl was saying that her family was hinting at her needing to "settle down" and how she doesn't want to "settle down" because "settle down" has the word "settle" in it and she doesn't want to settle.  In her eyes, she wants what she wants how she wants it and, if she can't have it that way, she doesn't want anything.  This made me think a bit about the younger people in generation X and the older millennials.

A lot of people that I have come across in that age range have become instilled with this idea of "the one"; this ideal person who we are preordained to be with and obtain perfected marital bliss. This person will have all the money we desire for them to have, they will have the ambition/career path we want them to have, they will have the looks we want them to have, they will have the character and personality that we want them to have, and, above all of that, they will be madly in love with us and give us the best sexual experience we have ever had in our life... for the rest of our lives!  On the day you meet them, it will click; you will hit it off immediately and the rest will be history.  Anything outside of this is settling.

But sometimes I wonder... While I won't ever be with anyone (again) who doesn't bring anything to the table other than their appearance (which tends to deteriorate over time), isn't there a point where you need to recognize "good enough"?  Is the expectation of perfection too extreme?

Meet the Guerilla Gardner

The video below features a man named Ron Finley.  And when I say "man", I don't just mean "male", I mean man -  the responsible kind who has compassion for his community and uses his passion to do what needs to be done to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for the betterment of his people.  I was exposed to him today and now I want to expose who he is to you. Watch the video.

This fella is a guy who saw a need in his community and did what he needed to do to fix it.  While this isn't in Atlanta, the heart behind his efforts is still very necessary.

The Steamhouse Lounge in Midtown Atlanta

So, recently I decided that it would be a good idea to expose you all to some food around Atlanta. I'm thinking about making this a  bi-weekly thing if I can.... Rather than doing all the leg work myself, I have enlisted the help of one of the friends who has a food blog and tends to get around the city a little bit more than I do these days. Her name is Koya and her blog can be viewed by clicking here.  See her review of Steamhouse Lounge after the jump.

Wealth Inequality in America

This was quite intriguing... It's also a little disturbing... Yeah, some work harder than others... yet there are others who work very hard but aren't afforded the same opportunities. Giving everybody the same amount of money isn't fair but people need to at least be able to make enough to save/invest instead of perpetuating an endless cycle of "scraping up nickels and dimes" just to get by.  That's enough talking from me, though. Watch the video below.