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Heard about this... Lettin ya know... Wednesday May 13th... Sambuca... Be there...

The Dopeness Vol.1 by ScienZe



The Nature of Man

The other day a woman approached me with that look in her eye. I know it well. She wanted to flirt and she wanted me to flirt back. About 10 seconds into it she noticed my wedding ring and proceeded to flirt a little harder. You heard me, she flirted harder. Now I'm not saying I gave into that temptation but all I want to know is WHY?

Why do women like this tempt us men who are trying to do the right thing? They know it's not in our nature to be monogamous but we still try because society says we should. And then here comes women like this sexy little thing trying to make me give in to my natural instinct. And so what if I did, what's wrong with that? What's more important, conforming to what the world says we should be or doing what makes us smile?


-The Man in Black

Gemstones - Jeremy Tyler: Balling out of control

His name is Jeremy Tyler. Ever heard of him?


Well... This fella here is finna drop out of High School to play pro ball. Did you see what I just typed?!? Im not talking about skipping college. Im talking about dropping out of High School. And the sad part about it is that he's not even the number one prospect to come outta high school this year. People.... We gotta do better.

Read the article here.

President Obama's first days

And so the polls are out... People are relatively optimistic about the future... or at least the fact that they have the possibility of not completely failing in this economy if they are somewhat responsible with their funds. I can say that, from what I've seen, he's been keeping his word for the most part; keeping us informed of what he's doing and not going on vacation during a time of economic crisis. And we all love the fact that he is the first black president. Good. But...

Of these first few days, Im thinking... Something still doesn't feel right... Part of me feels more like a puppet in a scheme of some grandios plan that's secretly happening while the wool is pulled over my eyes. Put another way, there's a part of me that feels like I'm being set up. I can't explain it. I won't say that its all President Obama's doing or anything like that. I'm just a little uneasy. With Bush, I knew he was in the oval office messing up. I knew it. You saw it on the news all the time. You saw it on CNN. He was completely detached and unaware of what was going on within his own nation (or was he?...). Yes Bush, I hate to inform you but, gas WAS $4 and no we haven't forgotten that Saddam Hussein tried to kill your father.


And so we spend 6+ years justifying and supporting a personal vendetta; watching the gas prices rise as a result of the "climate" caused by Bush in the middle east. We could go on about all the conspiracies of 9/11 but the question we need to answer is "Why?" Why would Bush start all of these incomplete works that he knew he would never finish in his term? Why would he make so many hate him? Was it oil? Would you send people to die so that you could make profit, meanwhile destroying the economy and the value of the dollar at the same time?

Insert President Obama here...

President Obama comes in and paints the picture of McCain as another Bush and God knows we don't want that. So we attach to Obama tighter than a extra "smedium" polo shirt on a baby elephant. He hits the ground running and every three days we see this fella on TV explaining what he's doing. And thats when I start having flashbacks of an old relationship that I had. She seemed to try too hard to convince me of one thing. So much so that it almost made me more skepticle of what was being told to me. Its backwards I know. But to be honest skepticism is healthy. If our government woulda been a little more skepticle of Bush's motivations, there wouldnt have been a war.

Side note: How do you have a war on terror? Just think about that. A war... on Terror. Define Terror: "intense, sharp, overmastering fear." You're sending guns and bombs to battle fear?!? News flash: You fix "terror" by fixing peoples' mentalies, not blowing people up. Buy anyway... Back to the story.

So now we say "Obama is doing great!" And he is... Compaired to the physically and verbally abusive relationship we just got out of. But I wonder if everything is as it seems. Fear can be used to control the people. Bush brought the fear...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman; Talking loud to draw a crowd.

Gemstones - 1st Grader Arrested

So Im sittin here lookin online and come across the following article:


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Athens — A first-grader has been arrested on charges she attacked her teacher.

County police say the 8-year-old girl repeatedly hit her teacher in
front of her classmates Tuesday. Police say she then went outside the classroom and “wildly” waved a large stick.

The girl was restrained by a principal and two teachers until police arrived.

She has been charged with battery, disruption of school functions and disorderly conduct. The girl is in her mother’s custody.

Information from: Athens Banner-Herald,


Yeah so... At first when I saw the headline, without reading the story, I'm
like "This kid is in the 1st grade... They're arresting a 6 year
old?!? Ima have to go with Sealy on this one and say 'Beat her.'"
But then I read the story and see where this kid is 8... in the
first grade... It might be time for this child to be going to a
different kind of school. There is obviously a problem here;
disciplinary and otherwise. I don't know tho. Your thoughts?

7 Ridiculous Cases Where Animals Were Put On Trial

We find some ridiculously stupid stuff online...

By Luis Prada April 12, 2009 226,467 views
article image

Our justice system allows for a lot of great things. It can ensure that a crooked CEO gets his comeuppance. It can ensure that everyone (mostly) gets the same treatment when charged with a crime.

It also permits morons to sue cats. That's less inspiring.

#7."A Monkey Charged with Assault"

Sometimes journalists who originally reported some of the stories we discuss unintentionally write funnier descriptions then we could ever hope to write. This is particularly true when it comes to an archived New York Times story from November 29, 1877, regarding an altercation between a woman named Mary, a monkey named Jimmy and their ensuing court case.

Bottle-Alley, a place the New York Times described as an area where "personal misunderstandings" between "Italian noblemen" are "settled" with "their favorite weapon, the stiletto," was home to a street minstrel named Cassio Dillio, an organ grinder with a "large specimen of the monkey tribe" named Jimmy by his side. One day, as Cassio grinded his crank and Jimmy danced a jig, a "Robust daughter of the Emerald isle," Mary Shea, decided to give little Jimmy a piece of candy as a token of appreciation. Once Jimmy began to chow-down on some sweet nectar, Mary tried to have a little fun with him by snatching the candy from Jimmy's mouth. Jimmy "thereupon assumed a decidedly aggressive attitude" and bit Mary's finger. Cassio and Jimmy were arrested and to court the case went.

Upon hearing the case the judge stated, "If Mr. Darwin were prosecutor in this case, he might succeed in convincing me that the statues authorize the holding of criminal monkeys, but I do not think I can legally commit him." Miss Shea protested, but to no avail. Jimmy removed his velvet hat, climbed atop the judge's desk and attempted to shake his hand. And, although we couldn't find an official document to back this up, it is reported that the official police blotter for the case read: "Name: Jimmy Dillio; Occupation: Monkey; Disposition: Discharged."

#6. Leeches Go to Ecclesiastical Court

If history has taught us anything it's that there is a reason for that whole separation of church and state thing. If you give the church too much power of attorney they can go ape shit and sue bed posts for toe stubbings or--somehow more realistically--leeches for infesting a Swiss pond.

In 1451, some leeches were in a pond near Lausanne, Switzerland. Some guy thought there were too many leeches in this pond. The local Bishop took the pond leeches to court on the count of there being too many leeches in the pond. No, this is not a list about the five most awesome things you can do after massive cerebral hemorrhaging.

When it comes to most Ecclesiastical court cases against animals (and there are quite a few) it isn't usually customary for the offending animals to be present for the silly proceedings. Yet, the Bishop was instructed to bring the slimy creatures in to the local magistracy so that they can hear the notice they were being served.

"Will the defendant, uh... stop doing that?"

The leeches were gathered in a pile before the court and were told they had three days to leave the area. We can only hope that after said ruling was announced, the leeches simply slithered stupidly in place in fierce defiance of the law like a bunch of invertebrate James Deans, effectively enraging the court. In truth, the leeches did not respond, nor comply with the court's demand because leeches, from any region of the world, always and only speak leech. We're not even sure if they have ears.

"You're tearing me apart!"

The initial threat in the case of God v. Leeches, for some reason, didn't work. The court responded in kind by taking another course of logical legal action: they performed an exorcism on the leeches. Apparently, this worked. Granted, the leeches didn't pack their shit and proclaim "F**k Switzerland!" as much as they just kind of died, or, as we're sure the Ecclesiastical court probably likes to remember it, "exorcised until complete and utter f**king annihilation."

For the rest of this ridiculous list, hit the link!

7 Ridiculous Cases Where Animals Were Put On Trial |
7 Ridiculous Cases Where Animals Were Put On Trial. Everyone on this list is stupid.

Ocean's 7 (Ain't I Freestyle)


New Oceans 7 stuff ... (JD, BOX, TREY SONGZ)

Gemstones - Drinking to better health

I ain't really got a whole lot to say about this. Just read the article. Basically these pharmaceutical companies seem to be dumping stuff into the supply for our drinking water. Ain't read the whole article but you can right here. There is a ridiculous amount being dumped and nobody is tracking it. Gotta wonder what this is doing to our bodies... Maybe I'll just stick to drinking Juicy Juice...

Showtime at Lenny's

Here's all the acts from the I am FRESH, man concert put together by Big Chad. The acts were pretty good, but I'll let you be the judge. MattaFact, Ohh!!, Khaos the Rapper, Yung Bishop, N/A, Blctxt, Flyy Academy, Noci the Misfit, E.R., and DinocK with DJ Sofa King. Watch it... Leave a comment...

Lipgloss is DANGEROUS!!!

Talkin crazy again... After waffle house... ITS DARK!!!

You don't mess with the "Caveman"!!!!

This fella right here... Don't mess with his convenience store. Raise your hand if you would have done this at your local QuickTrip? All jokes aside... the "Caveman" got it done.




Because I AM better than you... Or so I think...

Im posting this article I saw a while ago on Its not my article but I felt it was worth sharing.

Body Language Reveals Wealth

A flashy handbag or Armani suit can signal a person's wealth, but so can their body language, according to a new study. People of higher socioeconomic status are more rude when conversing with others.

Psychologists Michael Kraus and Dacher Keltner of the University of California, Berkeley, videotaped pairs of undergraduate students who were strangers to one another, during one-on-one interviews. In total, 100 undergraduate students participated.

The researchers then looked for certain gestures that indicate level of interest in the other person during one-minute slices of each conversation.

They found that students whose parents were from higher socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds engaged in more of what he called "impolite" behaviors, such as grooming, doodling and fidgeting. Lower SES students showed more "I'm interested" gestures, including laughter and raising of the eyebrows

The higher SES students fidgeted with nearby objects for an average of two seconds, while those from lower SES backgrounds almost never fidgeted during the 60-second clips. Upper SES students also groomed themselves for short stints while lower SES students didn't. Rather, the lower SES students nodded their heads, laughed and raised their eyebrows an average of one to two seconds more than their upper SES counterparts.

"We're talking seconds here, but that is a pretty big difference when you consider that we coded one minute of interaction time," Kraus told LiveScience. "So how many times a day are you nodding if you're lower socioeconomic status?"

It comes down to our animalistic tendencies, Kraus explained. Like a peacock's tail, the seemingly snooty gestures of higher SES students indicates modern society's version of "I'm fit," and "I don't need you."

"In the animal world, conflict arises when you're battling for status. So it's adaptive for us to avoid those conflicts and tell us we know 'I'm higher status than you, so don't bother having a conflict with me,'" Kraus figures.

Lower SES individuals can't afford to brush off others. "Lower SES people have fewer resources, and by definition should be more dependent on others," Kraus said.

The research is detailed in the January issue of the journal Psychological Science.

Jeanna Bryner
Senior Writer jeanna Bryner
senior Writer – Tue Feb 10, 1:05 pm ET


Makes a little sense to me why some people act like they do...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman; Talking loud to draw a crowd.

Big Boi speaks...

I could be wrong but wasn't Big's album supposed to supposed to drop last August? Well... If you like Big and the CD comes out hot, the wait may be worth it.

Gemstones - Silence is Golden

By now you've heard of the rescue made by the US navy. If you haven't, here's the article on They saved the captain held by the pirates. It was some real "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" type stuff. I must say, the fellas who did the sniping were skilled. Very skilled.

But here's the question that came up on CNN...

They asked would things have gone differently had Bush been in office. You see... President Obama kept tight lipped about the situation. He never spoke on the situation until the captain was saved. He then came out and made his statements and CNN let it be known that he got 2 phonecalls to greenlight the operation before it went down. The question seems to imply that, had the Bush administration been involved, the entire plan and specific time of operation would have been posted online and all over CNN for the world to see 3 days before the operation went down. Your opinion?

JD is cookin a lil bit...

JD is cookin... and he might be Uncle Ben... In other words... it may be what many consider "Whassup".

Fast and Furious

Lenny's... April 17th

Start Time:

Friday, April 17, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 12:30am
Lenny's Bar
486 Decatur Street
Atlanta, GA

Blue Collar Academy Presents: I AM Fresh’man

April 17
21 and Up
Lenny’s Bar
486 Decatur Street

I hate text messages

Love or Lust... Which one is more powerful?

Today I came across this article on Kinda peaked my interest because this is often a decision between me and my female friends when I try to explain to them that love is a decision and "that feeling" that they think is love, eventually runs out.
This article touches on how men and women in the past would look at marriage as more of an "arrangement"; he's financially and emotionally stable, she is chaste and can cook, together we make a perfect team. WONDER TWINS UNITE!!!


NOW the emphasis is on attraction. Is he or she sexy? Do they give me that bubbly feeling inside? Doesn't matter if he's a responsible, caring, sympathetic man. (In fact the last time I went to the comedy club, the comedian tried to imply that a sensitive caring man was, by default, a homosexual. Crazy.) Doesn't matter if she is supportive, loving, and she can throw down in the kitchen. The mentality now is "If they aren't sexy, I'll pass." They can be broke, jobless, worthless overall as an individual and still be on the top of some one's list of people who they want to marry. "Such and such woulda been perfect if only he had some ambition and a job. I woulda been married by now but I got tired of paying for stuff. But he was perfect." It was what I heard outta female's mouth about how she used to be so in "love" with this guy who had no car, no job, and no drive to even try to do better. It was one of those "Ima just stay at your apartment all day and wait for you. And by the way, bring me something to eat on your way home" type situations. A perfect example of how things have changed. To be honest, I was fool for talking to her too. I'm doing pretty good for myself and she put me and him on the same level. No thanks. Not to say I'm better than anyone but we ain't hanging out in the same room. And while I won't take all the blame, I will say that I sometimes participate in this line of thinking as well. I couldn't call myself any better than she is. My mind didn't always operate right. The broad couldn't cook, her conversation was mediocre at best, and calling her supportive would be doing nothing less than lying. But she did have "the appeal"... I've had good situations in the past that have been perfect on paper that didn't have "the appeal" and they eventually got left alone. What's the balance? I don't know. How do we change it and remove some the superficiality of the situation? Don't know that either.

What I do know is that this change in mentality is the cause of the high divorce rate. Getting married because of a feeling that may go away or an appearance that may fade is a mistake. If the content of their character isn't good, and you don't have an open, honest, FRIENDSHIP to begin with... get ready to be at the courthouse a second time.

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman; Talking loud to draw a crowd.