Showtime at Lenny's

Here's all the acts from the I am FRESH, man concert put together by Big Chad. The acts were pretty good, but I'll let you be the judge. MattaFact, Ohh!!, Khaos the Rapper, Yung Bishop, N/A, Blctxt, Flyy Academy, Noci the Misfit, E.R., and DinocK with DJ Sofa King. Watch it... Leave a comment...

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  1. Hey Fam it's ya boy Cool Breeze just wanted spit a lil input on the show THat my man Matta Fact did.I was not there to support him in the flesh but I did call and gave him the green light to go head and ripp it up.from the looks of the VID,he did just that.big up to ya Boy and to GM Presents....let's get it in.