Gemstones - Silence is Golden

By now you've heard of the rescue made by the US navy. If you haven't, here's the article on They saved the captain held by the pirates. It was some real "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" type stuff. I must say, the fellas who did the sniping were skilled. Very skilled.

But here's the question that came up on CNN...

They asked would things have gone differently had Bush been in office. You see... President Obama kept tight lipped about the situation. He never spoke on the situation until the captain was saved. He then came out and made his statements and CNN let it be known that he got 2 phonecalls to greenlight the operation before it went down. The question seems to imply that, had the Bush administration been involved, the entire plan and specific time of operation would have been posted online and all over CNN for the world to see 3 days before the operation went down. Your opinion?

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