Worst Generation Ever

This intrigued me... The thing that messed me up about the video is that I can't tell if I want to accept their sarcastic statements as good excuses or if I want to continue to be hard on us... I read not long ago that the American dream had changed... No longer is our generation looking to get married and buy a house; our American dream is to "be debt free". As pathetic as that sounds, its true. Student loans, low paying, part-time/seasonal/temp jobs, and a freeze on all cost of living pay increases is making "debt free" look like a vanishing vapor. Not impossible, but definitely not as easy as the way things appeared to be when the millennials were kids. Back when our parents were young, a person could get a high school diploma, go get a job and then just stay there. All the while getting promoted every few years with pay increases. It was the example put in front of us - you go to school to get a good job and once you get a good job, work there until you retire. Never would anyone have imagined the amount of low down stuff these millionaires on top would start doing to ensure that their pay stayed the same even if they had to give what use to be 8 different jobs to one person. No one would have anticipated all the "restructuring" that made staying at the same job while continuing to make less and less money an act of lunacy instead of a showing of loyalty. At this point you have to make your own way. Baking cookies, playing instruments for a band, trying to create art... ANYTHING that can almost be made into a business... because working a an un-guaranteed, part-time, seasonal job in a warehouse with no benefits for $8.50 an hour might be enough to eat, pay a cellphone bill and one student loan payment but, excluding a miracle, you aren't going to be able to pay a mortgage... At any rate, watch the video.

What if my friends selected my mate?

You know what I was thinking about this morning?  What if the law was that your friends had to select your significant other? Would you have someone good, someone bad, or no one at all?   The reason I asked is because I was thinking about two separate situations in the past: one where my homeboy told me that I "could do better" concerning (what I thought) was a good female friend of mine at the time and another where I offered that same homeboy, who was deciding between two women, some advice on how he should handle the situation.  The crazy thing is that the advice was spot on and neither one of us listened.

I don't want to talk about those specific instances though; I want to talk in general.  Would you trust your friend to pick out a good mate for you? Close friends typically have a lot of say in the development of the type person you select when you're coming up through grade school and, for many, this continues into adulthood. Now, that sentence may not be true for everyone but, I know many people who seek out their friends for advice/counsel when it comes to selecting a mate and that advice does hold a little weight.  Don't get me wrong, there is a bass line for attractiveness but when you start going into "they gotta have this type of hair/clothes/shoes/money, etc..." a lot of that is influenced by the people you let influence you over the years - your close peers - your friends.  They either do this by what they say, what they do, or by their reactions to what YOU do.

Truthfully, if you really look at the question "What if the law was that your friends had to select your significant other?" you would see that it is more of a self examining question.  While a ridiculous notion for it to be "law", in a sense, your friends are a part of your selection process when choosing your mate simply because of the influence they have on your thoughts from being around so much... Considering that, the question that really needs to be asked is "Are the people around me smart when it comes to selecting a mate?" Depending on the health of your relationship (or lack thereof) the answer to this question might be worth thinking about...

Gilles: Thank God (Official Video)

So here it is...

Thank God.

This is what happens when you mix Gilles Walters with a hook and beat created by The GM (aka Clyde Moonshine). Watch. Enjoy. Laugh. Smile.


You know what's amazing? What's amazing is how people will try to discourage you from attaining greatness because of their OWN lack of faith. This young lady I know who started her blog not long ago told the wrong person her dream. She has an ambitious goal set for the amount of views she wants for her blog and the amount of money she intends to generate from it. She shared her goal with someone who immediately told her that she was aiming too high. So I asked myself a question...

I said: "self?"

Myself said: "huh?"

I said: "You ever notice how devious doubt is?"

Doubt destroys greatness by convincing the try-er never to try. It is the enemy. It seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy dreams before the dreamer can even wake up. And, once it has infected the mind of one person, it will attack everyone in its vicinity until it is accepted as the only truth.  People will sit down and try to infuse you with their thought process any time you try to do something that THEY may not think is possible.

The Next Generation Xbox Reveal

For the few of you that care, and I imagine that there are quite a few of you, the next Xbox will be announced today. You  can watch the entire reveal event live at 1pm EST your Xbox 360 or Xbox.com on May 21st... That's today.  In fact, if you log in on Xbox, you can see a countdown occurring like the one below.

And then there's all the speculation and rumors...

Welcome to Detroit

So I'm reading this article about the new wave of entrepreneurs coming into Detroit, a few scrolls in, a statement about race relations peaked my interest....

According to the article, Detroit is about 83% African American; Most of the entrepreneurs moving in the city are white.  I don't have a gripe about those two statements at all but, the problem with this particular situation is that, when you combine a majority black city with the fact that, due the city's education track record - only 12% of the city's occupants over the age of 25 have a bachelors degree according to that article - many aren't qualified for most of the higher tech positions coming in, unemployed minorities may stay unemployed while transplants move in and take the new jobs.

On one hand, from the outside looking in, this is a "rebirth" of sorts; new business coming into a city and revitalizing what may be considered by many to be dead is a good thing. BUT... If I put myself in the shoes of a minority, who has been working at a car manufacturer since graduating high school, living just a little better than check to check with the inability to save and only a moderate to low education level, I would be in serious trouble.  This "renaissance" would most DEFINITELY feel like a "take-over".  I mean.... How can you have a rebirth and tell the "backbone", if you will, to "sit this one out"?

And so now the question becomes: How can you help people who want to keep their roots in Detroit (or don't have the money to leave), may have the will to work or start their own company but are currently underemployed, undereducated and don't have the wherewithal - including, but not limited to, money/credit - to start their own company?  I wish I had more answers than questions.

Dress'd Up - Some Video Footage

In case you missed it... We have been provided with some snippets from "Dress'd Up" - the album release party for Gilles and his Successfully Lost project.  It is below. Enjoy.

No more Jason Collins talk PLEASE

You know what? I'm tired of this Jason Collins foolishness.  This fella has been all over the ESPN and other news channels to a sickening degree.  The fact that they called the president back to answer a question about how he felt about this fella "coming out" is just unreal to me. His orientation is his orientation and whether or not it was a good or bad idea to come out and fully claim that orientation is between him and God.  They are trying to make this a big deal by calling him the "first active player to come out". This guy is a 34 year old, free agent whose only career stat above the number 4 is the amount of minutes he plays per game and may not get signed again (making him inactive). What I wait for is the "they didn't sign him because he's gay" statement. To which I will reply "No, they didn't sign him because he is a 34 year old, free agent whose only career stat above the number 4 is the amount of minutes he plays per game. He's not really all that great of a player; he's just big." And the war will go on.

Big Pie In the Sky

Big Pie in the Sky Box

Written by Koya of Koya's Culinary Korner

I didn’t realize how much I loved pizza until I noticed that I ate it at least once a week. Pizza is one of the greatest one dish meals ever created. You’ve got your grain, dairy, protein, vegetables, and fruit all in one dish?!?!?!?!?!? And to top off the greatness of it’s existence….Big Pie in the Sky was brought into my life.

You have one day...

I think the picture below is self explanatory.  Dress up, RSVP and get "drank".  You're welcome.

But.... Just in case.... I'll spell it out to you.  Gilles Walters, who has added new songs to his project that is now available on DatPiff and iTunes, is doing a performance at 255 Trinity Ave, Atlanta GA, 30303 at 7pm.  Be there. It's a FORMAL rap show and Cocktail hour.  It's FREE but you need to RSVP and you need to be dressed in COCKTAIL ATTIRE.

In the meantime, beneath this sentence, you can enjoy the music video that Gilles has provided while you wait for tomorrow to arrive. 

The Jungle

And so today I showcase yet another blog friend of mine...  Meet Cp from Daddiology: 101.  His blog deals with the personal experiences of being a man and being a father in this day and age. Read his most recent post below and be sure to visit his blog for other similar writings.


Written by CP of Daddiology: 101

I’m man enough to admit that at the end of most days when
everyone is in bed and recharging for the next day, it’s usually me laying
face down on the canvas, beat down by a couple of little girls. But even though they may be powerhouses in our home, in the real world they’re just two little sweet, polite, loving and happy children. And it scares the shi crap out of me every time I think about them being vulnerable to any of the craziness going on in the world these days.

Oral sex in a pre-school

There is no other way to describe this situation other than "sad".  This upcoming generation needs help... and a lot of prayer. Apparently, there is this 5 year old little girl who is performing oral sex on other 4 and 5 year old boys at a pre-school in California.

This is absolutely terrible.

Not only is it terrible that the 5 year old girl - who obviously learned this behavior from being around an irresponsible adult - is doing this, it's also terrible that these two little boys have been exposed to an experience that they are too young to responsibly handle. It really sinks in when the father says during the interview that he doesn't know what school to put his son in because he doesn't want to release a predator - the predator being his son who is now looking to relive this feeling.

Recognizing "Good Enough"

So I'm sitting here and I begin to think about this comment I saw on a twitter where this girl was saying that her family was hinting at her needing to "settle down" and how she doesn't want to "settle down" because "settle down" has the word "settle" in it and she doesn't want to settle.  In her eyes, she wants what she wants how she wants it and, if she can't have it that way, she doesn't want anything.  This made me think a bit about the younger people in generation X and the older millennials.

A lot of people that I have come across in that age range have become instilled with this idea of "the one"; this ideal person who we are preordained to be with and obtain perfected marital bliss. This person will have all the money we desire for them to have, they will have the ambition/career path we want them to have, they will have the looks we want them to have, they will have the character and personality that we want them to have, and, above all of that, they will be madly in love with us and give us the best sexual experience we have ever had in our life... for the rest of our lives!  On the day you meet them, it will click; you will hit it off immediately and the rest will be history.  Anything outside of this is settling.

But sometimes I wonder... While I won't ever be with anyone (again) who doesn't bring anything to the table other than their appearance (which tends to deteriorate over time), isn't there a point where you need to recognize "good enough"?  Is the expectation of perfection too extreme?

Meet the Guerilla Gardner

The video below features a man named Ron Finley.  And when I say "man", I don't just mean "male", I mean man -  the responsible kind who has compassion for his community and uses his passion to do what needs to be done to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for the betterment of his people.  I was exposed to him today and now I want to expose who he is to you. Watch the video.

This fella is a guy who saw a need in his community and did what he needed to do to fix it.  While this isn't in Atlanta, the heart behind his efforts is still very necessary.

The Steamhouse Lounge in Midtown Atlanta

So, recently I decided that it would be a good idea to expose you all to some food around Atlanta. I'm thinking about making this a  bi-weekly thing if I can.... Rather than doing all the leg work myself, I have enlisted the help of one of the friends who has a food blog and tends to get around the city a little bit more than I do these days. Her name is Koya and her blog can be viewed by clicking here.  See her review of Steamhouse Lounge after the jump.

Wealth Inequality in America

This was quite intriguing... It's also a little disturbing... Yeah, some work harder than others... yet there are others who work very hard but aren't afforded the same opportunities. Giving everybody the same amount of money isn't fair but people need to at least be able to make enough to save/invest instead of perpetuating an endless cycle of "scraping up nickels and dimes" just to get by.  That's enough talking from me, though. Watch the video below.

Music in words and pictures

Music lovers will appreciate this. This fella takes a journey through the history of music and illustrates it in pictures. It was pretty cool... if you like music.

Harlem doesn't like the new "Harlem Shake"

All of this Harlem shake hoopla has reached Harlem and Harlem doesn't like it.  If you haven't seen this new "viral" version of the Harlem shake, it's looks like the physical manifestation of a brain on drugs.

While funny and perhaps fun, I do understand some of the disdain that Harlem has for the new dance videos. By carrying the same name as the original Harlem shake, it comes off as a mockery - a "coonification", if you will - of it's culture.  Honestly, it's a bit disrespectful. Call it "The Shake", but leave Harlem out of; They don't want any part of this randomness. See the video below.

Now take a look at clips from the REAL Harlem Shake (circa 2000) in the video...

11 Year Old Basketball Phenom

For the few of you who haven't been to yahoo and looked at all of their stories and stuff today... take a look at this.  Apparently, there is an 11 year old kid who is DESTROYING high schoolers in his area.... to the point where people are forfeiting so that they won't have to play him and be embarrassed.  Yes. You read that right.  They would rather just take the "L" without trying than to face defeat at the hands of an 11-year old. If there was ever a talking point to brag on, this is it. At any rate,  peep the video and check the young fella out.


Mandatory "Boo" Time

So... On February 15th I saw a tweet.   It was a girl that got retweeted who said something that made me think... "Why are we so MEAN?!"

Here's what happened:
The girl puts herself on blast on twitter (this was a mistake, by the way) by saying something to the effect of "I just found out I was the sidechick".  She followed up this tweet by talking about some (partly sexual) things she does that make her great (which will keep no man but, I digress) and some things that the "wifey", who met him AFTER she did, does not know how to do. At any rate, during her tweets of randomness in a drunken anger, she says something.  She basically says "I don't see why y'all females laughin and stuff like y'all ain't never been there!"  And that's when I asked myself a question....

Successfully Lost (The Gilles Project) Has Arrived.

Successfully Lost has (finally) arrived. I honestly haven't heard it yet. Figured I'd post this here so that you won't have to wait forever to get it. I'm gonna assume, from the sounds and look of his first video, that his project will be of pretty good quality. At any rate, click the photo above and download the project. You can get it for free... but you can also donate if you so desire. (I encourage the donation. Preview it. If you like it, support it.)

Update: He has added new tracks to the project, re-released it on iTunes and DatPiff AND has a new music video which can be viewed here.

Random Thoughts In My Head

You know what?  Today I just want to ask questions and post random thoughts. Is it ok to do that? Feel free to respond to any of them if you have some down time.

1. If you ain't talked, text to or seen somebody in over 6 months to a year, they live in the same city as you do, and you both work regular 9-5 jobs, are you still friends?  I thought "friend" meant a little more than that? Hmm...  So...  If I don't respond, wouldn't it just be like my number has changed and you ain't get the new one?

2. While we're mentioning changing phone numbers... Shawty... I applaud you for having the courage to change your phone number after you got hitched.  More women and men should do this to avoid exes calling and asking you "are you happy?" and planting those seeds that offer a way of escape when you really need to be fighting to make sure your marriage works in a world that is FULL of reasons to throw in the towel before they even get a chance to put their "wedding day" panties on. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FOOLISHNESS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

3. Speaking of protection... A shotgun will suffice to protect my home... That being said: Gun laws (less than) Mental health. Why?  A crazy person can still build a home made bomb and cause a lot of damage.

4. A lot of people are damaged. Some are too damaged.  And they've been damaged so long that they don't even recognized that they are a malfunctioning unit; they've gotten use to operating at half capacity. I read a book called The Prayer of Love and in it the author, Dr. Mark Hanby, says "Hate is not the opposite of love; Fear is." Assuming that's true, how do you intend on being in a loving relationship "ordained by God" if you have so many walls up that your heart looks like it sits at the center of a rubix cube that nobody can solve cause it doesn't even have the colors labeled correctly for people to match? I'll wait... on second thought, I won't wait. I need a break.

5. Can I take a break from superbowl parties this year?  My team ain't going and I don't feel like spending extra money to feed people 3 types fried chicken, deviled eggs, Ro Tel dip, hot dogs, etc. I do have the right to change my mind for something held at my house right? Don't I?!

6. If we're just talking and I call and/or text and you don't respond within a weeks time, is it fair for me to assume that you aren't interested? Am I supposed to call again? I don't get rules to this game anymore. I quit.

7. More people should quit... Quit being a clone and dare to be an original.  The world could use a little more diversity. Don't be the "second coming" of something, be the first coming of YOU!

8. Making that connection without making it... People should value sex more.

9. Wonder if people accept Ray Lewis when he wins the Superbowl this year or if he will have his moment tainted by people continuously bringing up those murder charges... They definitely shouldn't be forgotten but you can't move forward if you don't learn how to forgive... even if the person shows no remorse.

10. This girl unfollowed me on instagram the other day.  She mad.  I'm trying to figure out how I keep breaking up with people I ain't with. ?!? Guess girls don't like that friendzone BS either...

11. Truth be told... The friendzone is only bad when you really want that one specific person and they don't wanna do right. But ain't that some control freak stuff?! "You won't do what I want you to do when I want you to do it so I'm mad."  Here's some advice: The more you try to control somebody and attempt to transform them into what YOU want them to be, the more you'll push them to rebel.  That control stuff only works on people with low self esteem. Let people be who they are, and if they don't measure up to your standards based on what you NEED in your life, put them in the FRIENDZONE cause it ain't gone work. A disrespectful, cheating, alcoholic ain't gone just wake up one day and start being a completely different person because "you're so sexy." You were sexy on day one! It takes more than talks, sex, and good looks to permanently change a heart... I'll go as far to say that it takes God. But if you got faith for that, why not have faith for Him to bring you somebody who actually likes you? Things that make you say "Hmmm"....

12. Hey.  Randomly call your friend and ask them to do lunch on Saturday. Trust me they'll appreciate it. Sending them messages on Facebook and twitter and thinking that that is enough to facilitate a REAL relationship/friendship is not enough. Our friendship can't feel like a horrible long distance relationship; connect with your friends face to face to form a permanent bond.

13. Epic like James Bond... That's what that track is that I made for Gilles.  The project is supposed the drop in a few days... Thank God... It's been a long time waiting on it.

14. Speaking of waiting... Why do people start liking you after you've completely given up in them? Do you want what you can't have or do you just not know what you're missing until it's completely gone?

15. You're only as great as your vision.  If you have no vision, you can't be great. Pray. Write down your specific goals.  Go after them.

Ok. I'm done.


If you think about this, this is kind of heavy. I don't like how many seconds he says are in a lifetime... (I plan on living forever) but, that aside, this video has a powerful message.  It's very important to understand that every moment that you are alive is an opportunity for greatness to occur. Take advantage. Watch the video and enjoy. 

Dream it, then wake up and do it!

You know what I like about this?  This guy had a dream.  Not only did he have a dream, he pursued that dream.  Not only did he pursue that dream, he ACHEIVED that dream!  This fella has created his own car. A car that is finally done right, in his eyes.  No handicaps.  Nothing holding it back.  The car is a beast.  His beast. A beast that he envisioned, created and is now shipping away.  It's inspiring.  It says to me "figure out what you need to be doing and do it; only you can stop you!" and I'm listening... Watch the video.

Welcome to "The Flip Side"

You know what?! I really don't know what to say about this.... I mean... I don't really go out as often as I use to and, while I recognize that sometimes we cross the line, are we really that bad?!

Who am I kidding... I've seen some of us guys be just as disrespectful or worse... the sadder thing is that they get away with it... over and over again.  At any rate, check out the video for a quick laugh.

Nike HTM Flyknit

While looking around online I came across the video below talking about the best shoe to come out in 2012:


They talk like this shoe is the new classic and was the best shoe that came out in 2012.  I love how passionate they are about a shoe. I had actually not heard about this shoe so, I did some research. They seem to have some dope colors.