You know what's amazing? What's amazing is how people will try to discourage you from attaining greatness because of their OWN lack of faith. This young lady I know who started her blog not long ago told the wrong person her dream. She has an ambitious goal set for the amount of views she wants for her blog and the amount of money she intends to generate from it. She shared her goal with someone who immediately told her that she was aiming too high. So I asked myself a question...

I said: "self?"

Myself said: "huh?"

I said: "You ever notice how devious doubt is?"

Doubt destroys greatness by convincing the try-er never to try. It is the enemy. It seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy dreams before the dreamer can even wake up. And, once it has infected the mind of one person, it will attack everyone in its vicinity until it is accepted as the only truth.  People will sit down and try to infuse you with their thought process any time you try to do something that THEY may not think is possible.

The Next Generation Xbox Reveal

For the few of you that care, and I imagine that there are quite a few of you, the next Xbox will be announced today. You  can watch the entire reveal event live at 1pm EST your Xbox 360 or Xbox.com on May 21st... That's today.  In fact, if you log in on Xbox, you can see a countdown occurring like the one below.

And then there's all the speculation and rumors...

Welcome to Detroit

So I'm reading this article about the new wave of entrepreneurs coming into Detroit, a few scrolls in, a statement about race relations peaked my interest....

According to the article, Detroit is about 83% African American; Most of the entrepreneurs moving in the city are white.  I don't have a gripe about those two statements at all but, the problem with this particular situation is that, when you combine a majority black city with the fact that, due the city's education track record - only 12% of the city's occupants over the age of 25 have a bachelors degree according to that article - many aren't qualified for most of the higher tech positions coming in, unemployed minorities may stay unemployed while transplants move in and take the new jobs.

On one hand, from the outside looking in, this is a "rebirth" of sorts; new business coming into a city and revitalizing what may be considered by many to be dead is a good thing. BUT... If I put myself in the shoes of a minority, who has been working at a car manufacturer since graduating high school, living just a little better than check to check with the inability to save and only a moderate to low education level, I would be in serious trouble.  This "renaissance" would most DEFINITELY feel like a "take-over".  I mean.... How can you have a rebirth and tell the "backbone", if you will, to "sit this one out"?

And so now the question becomes: How can you help people who want to keep their roots in Detroit (or don't have the money to leave), may have the will to work or start their own company but are currently underemployed, undereducated and don't have the wherewithal - including, but not limited to, money/credit - to start their own company?  I wish I had more answers than questions.

Dress'd Up - Some Video Footage

In case you missed it... We have been provided with some snippets from "Dress'd Up" - the album release party for Gilles and his Successfully Lost project.  It is below. Enjoy.

No more Jason Collins talk PLEASE

You know what? I'm tired of this Jason Collins foolishness.  This fella has been all over the ESPN and other news channels to a sickening degree.  The fact that they called the president back to answer a question about how he felt about this fella "coming out" is just unreal to me. His orientation is his orientation and whether or not it was a good or bad idea to come out and fully claim that orientation is between him and God.  They are trying to make this a big deal by calling him the "first active player to come out". This guy is a 34 year old, free agent whose only career stat above the number 4 is the amount of minutes he plays per game and may not get signed again (making him inactive). What I wait for is the "they didn't sign him because he's gay" statement. To which I will reply "No, they didn't sign him because he is a 34 year old, free agent whose only career stat above the number 4 is the amount of minutes he plays per game. He's not really all that great of a player; he's just big." And the war will go on.