The AIDS vaccine...

Maybe I'm wrong but... I read this article online and the last paragraph got me to thinking... Why would someone of "low risk" volunteer to have a "this will stay with you for the rest of your life" virus pathogen injected into their bodies in an effort to develop a vaccine for AIDS? Yeah, I know that the pathogen is supposed to have all of the "virus causing" elements removed BUT... (you can say what you want about me for saying it) I aint willing to take that risk.


Can't do it.

Now... if they were testing CURES, THAT would be a different story. Im all for helping to find a cure. A cure to heal the multitude who are already affected would be worth a little risk. A vaccine to prevent somethin that I can "mostly" stay away from by abstaining?!? That's something I can pass on; even when its supposedly "finished". AIDS is the only thing outside of God that's "scary" enough to make the few relatively chaste people on the earth remain that way, or least practice "safer" sex and/or monogomy. And while sex is not the only way you can get AIDS, I would imagine the random chance of exchanging blood outside of hospitals is low. The prevenative maintainence is education. As for the vaccine, aint nobody finna stick me with HIV while I'm healthy; Pathogen or not. This sounds like a set up to me...

Gemstones - Google Ion

Well aint this bout a snitch... You just got the G1 and they already got a blackberry storm / "iPhone hater" clone in the making. Meet the Ion from google...

Looks pretty cool and, if you like T-mobile, might be something to keep an eye out for a little bit later on... Want more pictures?

Here you go...

Gotta compare it to the iPhone...

Its a little bit shorter and a little bit smaller in width than the iPhone, which may mean a smaller area for texting. But who knows, it could be the greatest things since... Well... since the iPhone...

Original article here.

Mid Week Fixx... Episode 2

I told you about it the last time... This is how it went and when its gonna happen again. The video came straight from the Royal Flush people themselves. Check it out...


Charles Hamilton and his Ex

I got mixed feelins about this one... On one hand I'm like "Why would this dude talk crazy to her like this in public?!?" On there hand I'm like "Why was she messin with Charles Hamilton in public like that to get put in that position?!?" The nigga put her business out there... Basically called her some rip... Emotions came into play... Her feelins got hurt... She hit him. Watch:

Now... I read a comment on twitter how everyone was gettin on Chris Brown for hittin Rihanna and now they gettin on Charles for not "handling" his "Brooklyn Girl" but these two issues are not the same: 1. because we know exactly what was said and many (especially women who respect themselves) would say he deserved to be hit 2. because we DON'T know exactly what happened in the Chris B case and 3. because it would've hurt him even more to beat that chick down on camera. I can't agree with the critics. I can't call Charles "soft" for not doing something at that moment. He did the best thing and the only thing he could do: stand there and try to laugh it off like it ain't hurt (his pride AND his face). He can always call the girl later on and leave her a message to apologize so that at a MINIMUM he can say "I was immature, but now I've grown up" and eventually time will heal all the wounds.

What I will say is that he handled the situation very sloppily. As a word of advice from one black male to another, never let ya business get out on the street like that; handle the drama behind closed doors so that at least you can deny everything or clean it up later. "Mess" is bad for the image, which is bad for your money, and beautiful women have a tendency run from messy broke niggas.

The good thing about all this is, next week somebody else is gonna do something stupid and the masses will forget that this ever happened. Use it as motivation for something new and try to save some face over the weekend by leaking a hot freestyle or new song or something.

Lebron hits the game winning shot in Orlando!!!

Today's message was sponsored by the letters L. B. and J. Here it is again just in case you didn't see it... It was RIDICULOUS!!!

P.S. Cavs... Please step it up so you won't be put in this position again. You almost (and should be) down 2-0. Can't rely on miracle shots if you wanna win a chip...

The Beautiful People Problem

A while ago I'm watching TV with my sister and saw where some study was done by some college somewhere in the U.S. of A. (wish I could find the study) that said that the happiest couples/marriages are those that are composed of an ugly/homelylooking man and a gorgeous woman. Now, when I heard this, it seemed to be more evidence to support a belief that I've had for about 7 years now; two "beautiful" people can't be together. I've had my share of arguments with friends of every shape size and color about this. They disagree with me, but Ive had a stance that it takes a miracle for two "beautiful" people to be together for quite a while now. And now this study is co-signing with their "Ugly men make the best husbands" report.

A lot of my mentality came from watching and over hearing the issues that my mother's and sister's friends would talk to them about. They would call with some crazy sob story about how some sorry fella done sat back and done something ridiculous to them but they still love them and can't "get them out of their system". You know, that BS "so deep in this blind and blissful love" mentality they developed from listening to too much Babyface as a teenager. Sometimes I even got sucked in to talking to them about their problems so they could get a "guy's perspective" on the situation. After looking at these girls and women, between the ages of 16 and 45, I noticed that they all had one of two very common denominators: either they were ugly and they didn't know it so they continued to strive for some guy who was out of their league and tried to play everyone else OR they were beautiful and didn't understand that, with the scarcity of good (100% straight) men in conjunction with the fact that 75% of single women on this earth will do almost ANYTHING to have one of those, they just might wanna deal with the guy who genuinely loves them instead of trying to hold on to this dream guy that they've been searching for for the last 15 years since they divorced their last husband.

QUESTION: Do you know any "Popular Jock/Cheerleader" couples that survived after high school?!? Cause I don't. They don't survive. (Especially if the fella didn't go to the pros...)

The problem comes along with the term "Superficiality". You see, I'm a good looking guy. So I know there's this mentality deep down inside of every good looking person that says "this girl/guy better not mess up, cause if they do, I promise I'm finna upgrade the first opportunity I get!" And that's how it goes. An endless cycle of someone waiting on the other party to mess up cause they weren't ever happy to begin with. There's also fact that a woman trying to find a good looking/perfect man who ain't gone cheat these days is like trying to find a prostitute without aids in Swaziland, Africa - possible but very difficult to locate.

I know this lady; She's got to be a good 47 - 48 years old now. She got this guy who likes her and this fella is a straight square, but he tries SO hard to impress her. I mean, this guy worships the ground she walks on and she lets him try but continues to shoot him down. Now, the sad part is that hedidn't learn what I learned so long ago - beautiful people who haven't learned how to deal with the "Beautiful People Problem" will never be with someone society deems as normal. Its nothing he did, its just the facts. As long as she feels like she deserves Male #1, anything less than Male #1 is settling and a person of her caliber can't be with just anybody. The situation is further complicated because Male #1 don't wanna settle down cause he wants to be 100% sure he got all of his escapades outta his system before he gets locked into some mess. She can't understand why Male #1 won't settle down, even though she's doing everything he ask and everything she possibly can to please him. And her woes wont end until she realizes that Male #2 is trying just as hard for her as she is for Male #1, stops looking at his flaws and starts looking at the fact that she finally has somebody in her life who ain't gone put her second. She ain't figured that out yet, so she's gonna be single for a while. She is the middle piece holding together the "Beautiful People" Problem.

Disclaimer: This may only apply to large cities where the number of good looking men is much smaller in proportion to beautiful women AND ugly people with a "false self-image" (read: don't know they're ugly) and beautiful people with low self-esteem can throw a monkey wrench into the equation...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman. Talkin loud to draw a crowd.

Punch Out!!!

Say what you wanna... but the original to this videogame was one of the GREATEST videogames ever created!!! The game came out today. Go get it. Almost makes me wanna buy a Nintendo Wii...

Gift Horse

I was listening to the radio the other day and some lady called in complaining to Steve Harvey about her husband watching too much Porn. She asked Steve if she should be concerned and she stated that she couldn't understand why he had to look at other people to have sex. Now, I don't even remember what Steve said to her, but here's what I would have said...

"Stop trippin' lady! It's just a movie, it's make believe. It could be worse, he could be out in the streets MAKING pornos! You should be thankful that he's finding an outlet that keeps him home as opposed to an outlet that keeps him in the streets. As a matter of fact you should be thankful because his porn collection could be the only thing keeping him from cheating on you. Yeah I said it! Porn is all about fantasy. Dudes watch porn to see stuff that they don't have and don't do, and probably never will thanks to you so be thankful that he loves you enough to hang out at home watching DVD's instead of chasing those fantasies around the city.

In the meantime,why don't you ask him what he likes about the stuff he's watching, who knows you might enjoy some of it, and if that's the case, your man just revved up your relationship a couple of notches. And if your repulsed by it, then even more reason to be thankful that he's content with watching "Big Daddy's Big Booty Day Camp" instead of pressuring you into something that you're not interested in. Now stop whining."

And that's all.

-The Man in Black

Sneaker Pimps in the ATL

Sneaker Pimps is gonna be in the ATL tonight at the Tabernacle. I should assume you know what that is but Im not. Its like the greatest sneaker exhibit of all times!!! Its somethin different to do if you aint already busy. Here's the link to the information.

Randomness - Lebron James goin chalk CRAZY!!!

Saw this on youtube. Figured I'd share it with yall. It was a lil funny. Got Kobe lookin real reserved and LBJ hoppin around like a kid wit A.D.D. Watch and enjoy!

Then peep Kobe gettin down like a famous character from off of Sesame Street...

And by the way... LBJ in 6 for the championship...

Ocean's 7 - So Much Swag

JD and friends at it again. These fellas are puttin together some magic...

The Wolverine Review

Yung L.A. bout to record over Zaytoven track

HE SAID HE NEED 50!!! But before you press play... just take a moment to look at how serious this guy's face is on the youtube still shot. Priceless...

Wolverine spin off...

According to there's two different secret endings at the end of the credits on the Wolverine film; one with Wolverine sitting at a bar talking to a Japanese lady who is serving him drinks at a bar and the other in which Deadpool's dead body wakes up and sews his head back on. Both of these endings are hints at two additional films that have been "green lit"; One about Wolverine's wild adventures in Japan (not really interested in that right now) and the other, a spin off film completely about Deadpool.

Go see Wolverine if you haven't already. The film is much better if you're just a casual comic book fan, as the story and action is pretty good; better than some of the other comic book turned movie adaptations (die hard comic book readers will nit pick and complain about minute details that don't really affect the story one way or the other.) When you do go see it, stay to the end and pray to God that you get the Deadpool ending. The other secret ending is un-interesting and very close to pointless.

Myspace NS

Myspace... Myspace is some mess. Believe nothing you read and only half of what you see. In fact, you may need to do what I did and delete the account.



Turbo Dave

Mr. Chappelle as Turbo from Breakin'. COME BACK DAVE!

This fella here was funny. Sad that his show went the way of the dinosaurs after he decided to disappear to the mother land or wherever he went. I recently heard one of his stand ups where he talks about being famous; how you can't tell who really love you and how he would pick up girls in a dump truck to see how they would react. Maybe he didn't like being famous. Not sure what really happened but super stardom ain't for everybody...