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I was listening to the radio the other day and some lady called in complaining to Steve Harvey about her husband watching too much Porn. She asked Steve if she should be concerned and she stated that she couldn't understand why he had to look at other people to have sex. Now, I don't even remember what Steve said to her, but here's what I would have said...

"Stop trippin' lady! It's just a movie, it's make believe. It could be worse, he could be out in the streets MAKING pornos! You should be thankful that he's finding an outlet that keeps him home as opposed to an outlet that keeps him in the streets. As a matter of fact you should be thankful because his porn collection could be the only thing keeping him from cheating on you. Yeah I said it! Porn is all about fantasy. Dudes watch porn to see stuff that they don't have and don't do, and probably never will thanks to you so be thankful that he loves you enough to hang out at home watching DVD's instead of chasing those fantasies around the city.

In the meantime,why don't you ask him what he likes about the stuff he's watching, who knows you might enjoy some of it, and if that's the case, your man just revved up your relationship a couple of notches. And if your repulsed by it, then even more reason to be thankful that he's content with watching "Big Daddy's Big Booty Day Camp" instead of pressuring you into something that you're not interested in. Now stop whining."

And that's all.

-The Man in Black

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