Wolverine spin off...

According to Ign.com there's two different secret endings at the end of the credits on the Wolverine film; one with Wolverine sitting at a bar talking to a Japanese lady who is serving him drinks at a bar and the other in which Deadpool's dead body wakes up and sews his head back on. Both of these endings are hints at two additional films that have been "green lit"; One about Wolverine's wild adventures in Japan (not really interested in that right now) and the other, a spin off film completely about Deadpool.

Go see Wolverine if you haven't already. The film is much better if you're just a casual comic book fan, as the story and action is pretty good; better than some of the other comic book turned movie adaptations (die hard comic book readers will nit pick and complain about minute details that don't really affect the story one way or the other.) When you do go see it, stay to the end and pray to God that you get the Deadpool ending. The other secret ending is un-interesting and very close to pointless.

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