Bryant Gumbel calls the NBA's David Stern a "Plantation Overseer"?!

Fact: David Stern needs to end this dispute and let the NBA come back. I hate the lockout and I know Stern holds the keys to ending it but, I cant go as far as this fella, Bryant Gumbel, went. Stern does seem to want to run a tight ship... But what's wrong with order? What's wrong with wanting your employees to look professional on camera? Believe it or not, white people are still the majority. And since they are the majority and he wants the majority to love basketball, he needs his organization to appeal to the majority. That means no du-rags, no backwards caps, no sagging jeans with the matching boxers, etc. And there is nothing wrong with that. Is that racist to ask that players to use a little discretion when at team events? Last I check, I couldn't come to work with flip flops, an A-shirt (aka wife beater), some long shorts and a du-rag on my head either. Did I whine? No. I got to work. Attire may not affect your work or work ethic, but it does affect your image and how much (white) people like you... and that can affect the league's bottom line.

People also question his "players must be 19 to play" rule; Calling it racist. Again, I beg to differ. Dont ALL races have to be 19 for them to play in the NBA? Is there some special loop hole for white people that allows them to come out early anyways? Making the kid go to college ONE YEAR aint hurting these fellas at all. A lil maturing and practice with some better competition under a coach with a different style of coaching than their highschool had will do them more good than it does harm... but this is called a "racist" move. Why? Is it because white kids have the opportunity to go on to play college ball and black kids don't? That cant be it; not when the same talent that can get you in the NBA can get you a full ride scholarship to most big name colleges with exposure. Are they afraid that they could be hurt in that ONE extra year and that injury may ruin their career chances? Possibly. But, honestly? Come on son.

I love black people. I love basketball. I love when young talent comes to the NBA. But I think this race card was more about making Bryant Gumbel a household name again for a day than it was about what's really going on inside David Stern's mind. And since that was the goal... Mission accomplished.

It's not ok to beat your significant other

Looks like its ok to beat your wife in Kansas. According to this article, Topeka Kansas has started sending domestic battery suspects home with no charges because they just can't afford to keep up with the cases. Too many felonies; not enough money in the budget. 

There are problems with the budget and they have decided that the families will suffer because of it. I question this decision. Of all things to give up enforcing, I wouldn't think "wife beating" will be one of them. This year, I promise, I've seen more cases come across these news websites concerning spouses and gf/bf abusing/killing each other (and the kids in some cases) than any other time in my life. It's been absolutely crazy. People are snapping under the pressure of this economic and the additional stresses caused by it. The last place they need upheavals is in their own home... and when the upheavals do happen, rather than dealing with it properly, as they probably would have had the rest of their life been ok, the upheavals is proving to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.... Then backs start to get broken, and not in that good way that people previously used to try to make up after an argument.

Now, because this law isnt being enforced in that city, people must live in fear. No more running and calling the police; nothing is gonna happen... unless someone dies - then its murder and not just domestic violence.  But no one wants to wait for that to happen.

I hope this gets reversed and no other city decides to follow suit. My advice to all women (and abused men) who live in Topeka: Move.

When being a "whore" gets old

Recently a film titled "What's your number" came into theaters. The movie seems to be about a woman who is getting older, maturing, and as a result getting quite uncomfortable with the fact that she has had sex with around 20 different guys over the course of her short life. To my knowledge, it didn't do so well at its opening. But I ain't here to talk about that...

On the article that I found out about the movie on, the author, who mentioned that, according to studies, people still count the number of people they sleep with, is basically saying that people should no longer count their sex partners or be concerned with how high their number is; "sex is a part of dating and numbers don't matter" was basically the mentality at the root of his/her argument. There were many who agreed with the author and just a few (read: one) that disagreed. (Keep in mind that I read this early on yesterday and the comments may have doubled or tripled by now...)

This one person who disagreed took the position of "We should be dating for love and the only way to be sure he/she loves you is marriage." Sadly, she was ridiculed by some of the other posters. Only one person almost sided with her and his approach was along the lines that he was old, had all the fun he wanted to have, and now he was lookin for something a little more meaningful... This is what I want to talk about.

Every "whore-monger" I know, and I know more than a couple who engage in random/casual sex, eventually gets tired of "whoring". Our generation has cheapened sex down to a feeling much like getting high (which it actually kinda is since dopamine is released during sexual acts/orgasms and dopamine is the natural chemical that the street drug known in some circles as "dope" tries to imitate. I digress). So we now live in a society of sex "addicts" who, rather than waiting to at least have some sort of meaningful connection with the person they are sharing their sex organs with, are in constant search of a "fix". If I had to guess, by the gentleman referring to himself as older, I'd say he's probably somewhere in his 40s, as most under that age don't call themselves old. Let's say, for the sake of argument that he possibly lost his virginity as a teenager - 17 is a pretty common age. If somewhere in that general range is true, it would've taken him over 20 years of countless encounters with people he didn't have the emotional connection with that he was looking for before it finally clicked that his behavior was pointless. It's true he's a man and society has given men a double standard in this area, but let's keep in mind that he never mentions marriage - just emotional connection; we're talking about casual vs committed. At a minimum, waiting for a committed relationship and placing some level of standards on who you date would eliminate a lot of the numbers that you would get had you not been casually "kickin it".

I wanna take it a step further tho... If I'm looking at a woman and her numbers are very high, the first question I'm thinking is "Why can't you stay with one person?" I'm asking this in search of personality or character flaws. If you're under 30 and you have 20+ sex partners, you've been doing the most in the last 10-15 years. What's REALLY going on? Immediately after that, the next thought is "If its somebody elses fault, what are you searching for that continues to land you in situations with people who are worthless?" I say "her" cause I'm a guy, but this question applies to BOTH sexes. Think about it, with all that sexual experience, they ought to be pretty good in bed. If sex aint the issue, it would seem like by the time you got to person number ten (in our freaky generation), you would've learned just about all you can learn about sex AND learned who NOT to date to the point where SOMEBODY would want to be with you seriously... unless you're just unstable and crazy...

People know EARLY in most situations if the relationship is gonna work or not. If, after just talking on the phone for a few weeks, you have that "what now" feeling, it may not be a good look for you. You gotta be able to communicate and connect on a friendship level first. The root word of relationship is relate and if you can't do that, why are you screwing that person?

Why are you screwing somebody you don't even like?!?!

That being said, try to keep your numbers low - for your physical health, your mental health, and your emotional health. Nobody wants to be with anybody who has been with everybody... and don't use "gaining/having sexual experience so you can be great in bed with your future husband/wife" as justification for putting yourself out there like that in the present. You can gain a lot of sexual experience without having to use all of your fingers, toes, and some of your eyelashes to count the people you have slept with. Have sex with one person a lot - not a lot of people once. I could see maybe the number 5 kinda sneaking up on you, but honestly... 20 just seems like a bit much. But maybe I'm the only one who feels this way...

One won't do and two is not enough...

So I'm eavesdropping at work today and overhear some ladies talking about this tv show that comes on TLC called The Sister Wives... Long story short, I end up with this link in my email so I could check the show out. The clip below is what I saw.... Check the video out and then read on beneath it.

This has got to be some of the strangest sounding stuff I have heard in quite a while. Polygamy. Sounds like it might be the life for the dude, as he gets a license to be with 4 different women whenever he pleases - as they all "rotate" and share their nights with him. At first I questioned the self esteem of the women. Then I questioned the sanity of the man. Then I started thinking of ways where I could actually see this situation working out for both parties...

Benefit one: Multiple streams of income. This is self explanatory. Ain't nothin like a lil teamwork to help a family make it through today's tough economy. The more working adults you have, the higher the household income.

Benefit two: Safer sex. Everybody already has an understanding in this situation. When a person is screwing around outside the marriage, there is no telling WHAT kinda disease the outsiders may be bringing into your household. With this, you know the full health record of all of your partner's partners.

Benefit three: Shared cooking, cleaning, and child rearing responsibilities. How many moms out there would like to take a day off and let somebody else play mom while they take a break for the day? I'm guessing there are more than a couple who wouldn't mind having a mini "mommy vacation". Even if its just one day a week.

NOW, with all of that being said... This is still quite odd to see in this capacity inside the borders of the United States. I ain't really feeling it. I wouldn't want this situation at all. Not only cause it seems weird, but because dealing with the personalities of 4 different women who are from where I'm from and trying to keep them all happy at the same time sounds like a recipe for disaster. I wanna life a long healthy life... not get stabbed trying to break up a fight between two women who are upset because they think I'm playing favorites.


I think I'll be just fine with one.