Old Spice Muscle Music Commercial

Man... This. Is. Hilarious.  Terry Crews is a funny guy and Old Spice makes great commercials.  The two of them together = unforgettable.

P.S. The end is unbelievable.

Re-inventing the Toilet

While you were playing Call of Duty, Bill Gates was somewhere being brilliant. He has come up with an idea that could possibly change the world forever. This man and his foundation is leading the charge towards an effort to permanently augment the toilet into an asset that could ease the pain caused by resource shortages that we could possibly experience in the near future. Turning waste into fuel and water sounds amazing to me. If any one of these teams of scientists pulls off this amazing feat, it would go down in history as one of the greatest inventions created by any of the living generations. They wouldn't only be changing the toilet; they would be changing the future. At any rate, watch the video.


Savage's Mixtape - Drop Dead

Yeah.... This doesn't need a story.  You've met Savage. Watch his music video then click the cover pic at the bottom to get the CD. It's free. You're Welcome.