Meet Griff McFly

This is Griff... Griff McFly.

He makes rap music. He created created an album called Bed of Roses. It has bars... and it has some stuff for the culture... if you catch my drift. Some call it dope. Some call it smooth. Some say the track called Breaking Bread on the album is the epitome of southern rap and, while it makes them miss Outkast, they'll settle for the greatness of that song.  You should listen to the track below and purchase his project by clicking on the large photo at the bottom. If you like rap music, you might actually enjoy it.

P.S. Word on the street is that Off Ki Productions made some dope beats on the project and they will work with you to make you a dope beat as well. Check their website out by clicking on their name above if you are interested and seriously want to make some good music.

Available  everywhere.

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