The "Good" Man

Last night I made a phone call to a friend of mine who I hadn't talked to all year. Somehow, during the conversation, I ended up talking on the phone with her friend who was in the car with her. This friend begin to give me what I like to call the "interview questions".

Nothing wrong with that...

The problem was the order of the questions that I got asked... I went a lil something like this:

Girl: Hey GM whassup? I'm (Insert random female name).

Me: Whas good?

Girl: You gotta hang out with us some more. I've never seen you with the rest of the crew. I heard you dont drink or go to clubs.

Me: Yeah, I ain't really a drinker and the club ain't all that fun if you dont drink.

Girl: Oh ok. Thas good that you dont drink. Do you go to church? Are you a Christian?

Me: Yeah, I do and I am.

Girl: So are you gay?!

Me: (to myself first: Wait... WHAT?! Calm down. Laugh it off.) No, I'm not gay. Far from it.

Girl: Oh ok. Well you know I had to check before I gave you anymore compliments.

She proceeded to talk to her friend in the background saying "He ain't got no kids? (Right) Does he have a job? (Yes) Does he have a car? (Yes) SOMETHING gotta be wrong!!!" Then she starts back talking to me and continues the questions; these being a lil more "normal"; followed by "We gotta get up soon then."


Yeah... OK. So the issue I have with this is, anybody who "wraps it up", doesn't drink, doesn't club, has a car and a job is gay and/or has a hidden disorder?! Why cant a guy just be responsible? I could possibly see her asking this if I was 35 or 40 years old, but I'm still young and this is the 3rd question that comes outta your mouth to a complete stranger? Has it really gotten that bad out here in these streets for Generation Y, aka the millenials?

I don't know...

On one side, I feel her a lil bit because a lot of people these days (both men and women) really ain't worth too much and responsible, respectable, people seem to be an anomaly. The other side of me has no words. Discuss.

The City of Cleveland responds to Lebron James: Rise

And so the city of Cleveland has responded to the "Lebron James: Rise" commercial... All I could say when watching it was "Wow". They answered the question "What should I do"; each and every part of it. But honestly, at this point, the only thing I think he can possibly do to even remotely fix his image is apologize. He never did that. His commercial is aimed at making his haters think and "put themselves in his shoes" but it never addresses how HE feels. Does he feel like he needs to apologize for not keeping promises he made? Or is he perfectly ok with how he went about handling his business?

At any rate, peep the video below... "Quitness"

Daylight Savings Time

And so the time changes...

Ive personally always felt like we spent more time "saving daylight" than we do on normal time. Never really looked into it, but today, my feelings have been confirmed as truth after reading an article on yahoo. The sentence read "As part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the U.S. Congress pushed daylight saving time three to four weeks deeper into the fall in an effort to combat growing energy problems".

I dont like it.

Now it feels strange to have the sun come beaming through your window at 6:43 am (as it should have been the entire time) and Im looking to the sky angrily while Im thinking "I need to be getting this extra hour, not having the sun shine on me to the point where I cant get any rest!" We have 8 MONTHS of daylight savings time and 4 months of "standard time" and , according to the article on yahoo, they add another month of daylight savings time every 20 years. Seems like somebody is trying to speed up time or something...

I dont like it.

At any rate, Im done now. Gotta find me a dark closet or something to go sleep in for the next hour since this super bright sun is already shining.

For Colored Girls

This movie drops on tomorrow. Its another Tyler Perry film and is supposed to be real "touching" and possibly a "tugger of emotion". From what I hear, this is supposed to be one of his best. Seems like its something that many may want to check out. The comment that really made me write was what Janet Jackson said... She spoke about "passion" and working for the love of the art rather than just trying to get a paycheck. While I must say that we do all need to have some form of income to survive these days, I agree that greed is killing almost all forms of entertainment. The money is making people make decisions that they probably wouldn't have normally made otherwise; its also making talentless, money hungry people enter an industry that, normally, they would have left alone. It sickens me.

At any rate, "For Colored Girls" is based on the book titled "For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Isn't Enough". (Yeah... I would have shortened the title too.) Peep the video below and check out the movie tomorrow.