Daylight Savings Time

And so the time changes...

Ive personally always felt like we spent more time "saving daylight" than we do on normal time. Never really looked into it, but today, my feelings have been confirmed as truth after reading an article on yahoo. The sentence read "As part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the U.S. Congress pushed daylight saving time three to four weeks deeper into the fall in an effort to combat growing energy problems".

I dont like it.

Now it feels strange to have the sun come beaming through your window at 6:43 am (as it should have been the entire time) and Im looking to the sky angrily while Im thinking "I need to be getting this extra hour, not having the sun shine on me to the point where I cant get any rest!" We have 8 MONTHS of daylight savings time and 4 months of "standard time" and , according to the article on yahoo, they add another month of daylight savings time every 20 years. Seems like somebody is trying to speed up time or something...

I dont like it.

At any rate, Im done now. Gotta find me a dark closet or something to go sleep in for the next hour since this super bright sun is already shining.

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