Music in words and pictures

Music lovers will appreciate this. This fella takes a journey through the history of music and illustrates it in pictures. It was pretty cool... if you like music.

Harlem doesn't like the new "Harlem Shake"

All of this Harlem shake hoopla has reached Harlem and Harlem doesn't like it.  If you haven't seen this new "viral" version of the Harlem shake, it's looks like the physical manifestation of a brain on drugs.

While funny and perhaps fun, I do understand some of the disdain that Harlem has for the new dance videos. By carrying the same name as the original Harlem shake, it comes off as a mockery - a "coonification", if you will - of it's culture.  Honestly, it's a bit disrespectful. Call it "The Shake", but leave Harlem out of; They don't want any part of this randomness. See the video below.

Now take a look at clips from the REAL Harlem Shake (circa 2000) in the video...

11 Year Old Basketball Phenom

For the few of you who haven't been to yahoo and looked at all of their stories and stuff today... take a look at this.  Apparently, there is an 11 year old kid who is DESTROYING high schoolers in his area.... to the point where people are forfeiting so that they won't have to play him and be embarrassed.  Yes. You read that right.  They would rather just take the "L" without trying than to face defeat at the hands of an 11-year old. If there was ever a talking point to brag on, this is it. At any rate,  peep the video and check the young fella out.


Mandatory "Boo" Time

So... On February 15th I saw a tweet.   It was a girl that got retweeted who said something that made me think... "Why are we so MEAN?!"

Here's what happened:
The girl puts herself on blast on twitter (this was a mistake, by the way) by saying something to the effect of "I just found out I was the sidechick".  She followed up this tweet by talking about some (partly sexual) things she does that make her great (which will keep no man but, I digress) and some things that the "wifey", who met him AFTER she did, does not know how to do. At any rate, during her tweets of randomness in a drunken anger, she says something.  She basically says "I don't see why y'all females laughin and stuff like y'all ain't never been there!"  And that's when I asked myself a question....