Mandatory "Boo" Time

So... On February 15th I saw a tweet.   It was a girl that got retweeted who said something that made me think... "Why are we so MEAN?!"

Here's what happened:
The girl puts herself on blast on twitter (this was a mistake, by the way) by saying something to the effect of "I just found out I was the sidechick".  She followed up this tweet by talking about some (partly sexual) things she does that make her great (which will keep no man but, I digress) and some things that the "wifey", who met him AFTER she did, does not know how to do. At any rate, during her tweets of randomness in a drunken anger, she says something.  She basically says "I don't see why y'all females laughin and stuff like y'all ain't never been there!"  And that's when I asked myself a question....

I said: "Self?!"

Myself said: "Huh?!"

I said: "Why ARE all these girls laughing and retweeting her like they weren't on twitter two days ago talkin bout 'I miss "him" but he ain't never here and he ain't gone do right.  I don't know why I still love him but I do tho'?! Why are they acting like they aren't bitter and angry because they been on #TeamICantKeepAManToSaveMyLifeSoIGuessIllPretendToBeHappyWhileDrowningMySorrowsInAlcohol for the past THREE YEARS?!?"

I'm looking around like "this is TERRIBLE!" Valentine's is already hard enough for people without mates because, while the focus may be on love (lust for some), the underlying issue is the magnifying glass that the day places on those people WITHOUT a mate.  I mean, as a single person these days, I've learned to operate with "homegirls" I can call and go out with if necessary and be ok but, on Valentine's day (and the rest of the week/weekend for that matter), you can't "hang out" with none of them like that; it's out of the question because this is "mandatory 'boo' time". Not to mention the fact that you can't go out without seeing people coupled up... so you sit at home, by yourself, waiting for it to all be over with.  Not that you're bitter or anything - you just can't participate.
So, on top of dealing with the fact that she is not "the one", this girl has to figure out what to do with her life now that her night went from "I'm finna get candy, a gas station teddy bear and have sex" to "It's the end of the world; I guess I'll drink and use this vibrator until I pass out".


And the people of twitter are (hypocritically) laughing at her pain... Smh.

To sum things up... Here's some advice:
• Think before you grin; You could be next.
• Twitter is immature. NEVER put your business out there like that.

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