Oral sex in a pre-school

There is no other way to describe this situation other than "sad".  This upcoming generation needs help... and a lot of prayer. Apparently, there is this 5 year old little girl who is performing oral sex on other 4 and 5 year old boys at a pre-school in California.

This is absolutely terrible.

Not only is it terrible that the 5 year old girl - who obviously learned this behavior from being around an irresponsible adult - is doing this, it's also terrible that these two little boys have been exposed to an experience that they are too young to responsibly handle. It really sinks in when the father says during the interview that he doesn't know what school to put his son in because he doesn't want to release a predator - the predator being his son who is now looking to relive this feeling.

I can't imagine how I would feel as a parent... especially since it's causing issues within the little boy.  I don't know if telling the little boy that he is "not in trouble" is the right thing to do; he DOES need to know that what he is doing isn't right but the question becomes, how do you help him get over the abuse when that abuse doesn't feel like abuse and he's too young to have an established moral line that clearly defines right from wrong - especially concerning an act that's only wrong during particular circumstances and underneath certain ages?  Truth be told, it's a lot of ADULTS who aren't disciplined enough to follow the rules when it comes to morally proper sexual conduct... but that's another discussion...


  1. Wowwwww! I had not heard about this. Home schooling is looking better and better every day.