Remembering Brian Eric Smith

Im re-posting this because a year ago today the homeboy Eric passed away. He's the guy in the back right on this video. RIP Brian Eric Smith.

Civilized talks... Number 2

Please excuse Savage's savage language (AGAIN)... Otherwise, enjoy! (or at least try to...)

HTC EVO 3D - The new "New" phone

Dont you hate how fast technology develops?!
Just when you thought you had the latest of the latest.... They drop the EVO 3D on you. Coming this summer with a SERIOUSLY powerful processor, the dual camera (1.3 megapixel in front and 5 megapixel on the back), a gigs worth of ram, 1080p video out, etc. It's said to be coming with 3D versions of Blockbuster and YouTube... but it's also said to be without its much beloved built-in kickstand. Anyways, that's all I know for now. I'm pretty sure some of you are mad since you just bought the old new phone.

Skinny Jeans Problem...

I have a dilemma... The problem is this: I love Levi's but they make the absolute FRESHEST designs for the skinny jeans; differently colored stitching, extra pockets, zippers, colors, grains/washes/materials, etc... This, my friend, is NOT whassup. I like my clothes to fit; not too big and definitely not too small. Fashion these days is making it almost impossible to do so. I'm a slim dude so the new European cut clothing and "skinny" jeans dont look bad on but I just cant bring myself to embrace it wholeheartedly. The jump is just a bit much for me.

How did we go from this:

To this:

It's unexplainable. I've tried to stay some where in the middle, but shopping ends up being something like a bad lab experiment with lots of field work. The thought process went from "how can I look cool without looking sloppy or having to use one hand to hold my pants up all day" to "how can I look cool without looking 'sexually questionable' or becoming completely androgynous". Its horrible.

The "regular fit" jeans have become completely bland; you have a choice of blue or... blue, with very slight variations. "Baggy" just looks retarded because all of the shirts becoming "fitted" and that's like wearing bell bottom jeans from the seventies with a Fubu football jersey, only in reverse.



Sidenote: These "fitted" shirts... Sigh... I don't know how I feel about the back of my shirt stretching whenever I reach down to tie my shoes... Large is the new medium and medium is the new small.

501's are cool but I hate the button fly.

And so I am reduced to 3 choices:
1. Deal with the "Slim straight 514's" aka "skinny jeans without the taper at the ankle" and loose out on some of the better designs.

2. Buy skinny jeans 2 sizes bigger than normal so that they fit like regular jeans with a taper at the lower portion of the leg and look awesome with a pair of chucks.

3. Drive 45 minutes to the nearest mall that offers the new 520's aka "regular fit with the tapered leg" that I saw for the first time while doing this write up.

I will take option 3. No more stepping on the back of my pants when I'm wearing the Chuck Taylors. Not sloppy or effeminate - we have the middle ground: The Levi's 520 Jeans for men.



Here's hoping to God that they have more than the same plain/boring blue, dark blue, grey, and black they offer in the 514s and 569s. And if so... Problem solved.

You have unlimited ability

Check this video out. This fella is talking with some good sense and it motivated me further to change my mentality. Watch the video and remember this quote "If you perform failure actions... you will get failure results." That was funny and a lil too real for me at the same time... But he's right. If you don't believe you can do it, you won't be able to. I will post another video tomorrow from when I had gone to see the movie Limitless earlier in the week. In it I was speaking on something that goes well with this topic: motivation. A lot of times, life beats us down so much so that we begin to settle for the current circumstances that we are in and accept that as our permanently reality; It is not. It can be changed... And, if you shift your mentality and believe, it WILL be changed.

Know when to quit...

This is terrible, shocking, slightly frightening, and some have found it amusing all at the same time. They're calling it the "Battle for Australia: Naruto VS Zangief". And the moral of the story is... know when to quit. Warning: Dont let your reaction to this video be too loud if you are at work.

The "Zero Waste" Lifestyle

I found this video on to be intriguing, amazing and strange at the same time. Could I do this? I look at my surrounding stores in my neighborhood and I start to think "How far would I have to drive to find a store that will allow me to walk in with an empty bottle and have them fill it up with milk?!" I really want to know where they live ad. Honestly. The farmers market is about a half hour away from where I am currently (gas is TOO high for all that extra gas) and, while they may allow me to use cloth bags, I doubt the milk jug thing would happen. Plus, what would I do without my FRUIT ROLL UPS AND KOOL-AID!!! LOL! On a serious note, this lifestyle is probably great for the environment... Maybe you should give it a shot... At any rate, peep the video below and feel free to comment (for a change).

Civilized talks with Savage... Number 1

Please excuse Savage's savage language... Otherwise, enjoy! (or at least try to...)

What IS typical?!

Saw this online and found it kind of interesting... not because of my interest in who the most typical person is, but because of the other stuff that they said in the video. For example, the statement "The typical person has choices, but not all of us have the same ones..." really made think of how blessed I truly am; as I spent 30 minutes last night debating which shirt I was gonna wear with which pair of shoes and whether I was gonna wear the matching hat or not (Normally I dont take that long but I was planning on going out tonight after work). At any rate, you get the point. Check the video out and enjoy.