The "Zero Waste" Lifestyle

I found this video on to be intriguing, amazing and strange at the same time. Could I do this? I look at my surrounding stores in my neighborhood and I start to think "How far would I have to drive to find a store that will allow me to walk in with an empty bottle and have them fill it up with milk?!" I really want to know where they live ad. Honestly. The farmers market is about a half hour away from where I am currently (gas is TOO high for all that extra gas) and, while they may allow me to use cloth bags, I doubt the milk jug thing would happen. Plus, what would I do without my FRUIT ROLL UPS AND KOOL-AID!!! LOL! On a serious note, this lifestyle is probably great for the environment... Maybe you should give it a shot... At any rate, peep the video below and feel free to comment (for a change).

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