Saw this a lil while ago... Note to self: Keep your cell phone and some chapstick in your pocket at all times. Would you have the heart to do this?!? This is some real life "Saw" stuff!!! Crazy...


Stray Bullets

Ceelo Greene...

I like Ceelo... He's pretty good at what he does. From Dungeon Family to Gnarls Barkley, this fella's music was on point. Now he got a mixtape out called "Greg Streets presents Stray Bullets". I aint listened to it yet, but he got a pretty good track record.


You dont have a choice, click the album cover below and download it NOW!!!

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Most of the movies based on video games suck... There's no nice way to say it. Mortal Kombat, for the most part, followed suit with its first few movies. Now the director is taking the franchise in a new Batman Begins/Dark Knight type direction and making it dark, gritty and more realistic. I like it. Its dark like MK should have been to begin with instead of sending the characters to fantasy island. Anyway, I'm done talking about it now. Check out the trailer below.


Here's a word from a guy I went to highschool with several years ago... He sent me an email today. I don't feel like typing so Ima let you see what he sent me and let that be it.

Sup y'all. I have a new EP/Mixtape up on DatPiff entitled "Synosis" (EP). Check it out, Rate it, Download it, leave Comments, Share it, just do ya thang. Any support is much appreciated. Hit me back and let me know what you think, because as always I value your opinion. 1NE.

Click the picture to download the mixtape...

From what I hear, everybody aint a fan of the talkin in the beginning but the fella can rhyme a lil bit. Check him out before you download if you're feelin a lil cautious.


The homeboy's website... Check it out by clicking on the name above.

This fella Savage got a different kind of humor about him. Click on ALL his links and stuff! Him and his crew got stuff comin up. Its good. Real good. I'm feeling a lil too lazy to post all the links to their CD's and stuff, but go ahead and check the stuff out.

Savage on FaceBook. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW!!!