Harlem doesn't like the new "Harlem Shake"

All of this Harlem shake hoopla has reached Harlem and Harlem doesn't like it.  If you haven't seen this new "viral" version of the Harlem shake, it's looks like the physical manifestation of a brain on drugs.

While funny and perhaps fun, I do understand some of the disdain that Harlem has for the new dance videos. By carrying the same name as the original Harlem shake, it comes off as a mockery - a "coonification", if you will - of it's culture.  Honestly, it's a bit disrespectful. Call it "The Shake", but leave Harlem out of; They don't want any part of this randomness. See the video below.

Now take a look at clips from the REAL Harlem Shake (circa 2000) in the video...

(By the way, when you search for Harlem Shake on youtube the new one has made the original one basically vanish; it's VERY difficult to find outside of the G.Dep music video.  Smh.)


  1. Who cares new Harlem shake way better

    1. You think so? I LOVE the energy of the new harlem shake, but it's more random-ness than an actual dance.

  2. the "new" harlem shake isn't even from harlem.