Good advice for the new year... 2011

This man is saying something that I want to say but cant say quite as bluntly, as I make every attempt to remain pretty politically correct. At any rate, look at the video and pretend its me sayin it, because he is preaching the gospel...

Vick's people fought dogs... They didn't murder humans.

This is not whassup. These people are not thrilled with the fact that President Obama called the Philadelphia Eagles on behalf of Michael Vick. Basically, this fella on fox decided that it was a good idea to say something to the effect of "In my opinion, he needs to be executed..." referring to Vick. This man should not get away with saying something of that nature. Let a black man say this about a white athlete... The media would lynch him. Meanwhile, Big Ben's rape accusation incident is got swept under the rug... *Looks around and whistles*

At any rate, watch the video. Comment. Etc. Whatever.