Worst Generation Ever

This intrigued me... The thing that messed me up about the video is that I can't tell if I want to accept their sarcastic statements as good excuses or if I want to continue to be hard on us... I read not long ago that the American dream had changed... No longer is our generation looking to get married and buy a house; our American dream is to "be debt free". As pathetic as that sounds, its true. Student loans, low paying, part-time/seasonal/temp jobs, and a freeze on all cost of living pay increases is making "debt free" look like a vanishing vapor. Not impossible, but definitely not as easy as the way things appeared to be when the millennials were kids. Back when our parents were young, a person could get a high school diploma, go get a job and then just stay there. All the while getting promoted every few years with pay increases. It was the example put in front of us - you go to school to get a good job and once you get a good job, work there until you retire. Never would anyone have imagined the amount of low down stuff these millionaires on top would start doing to ensure that their pay stayed the same even if they had to give what use to be 8 different jobs to one person. No one would have anticipated all the "restructuring" that made staying at the same job while continuing to make less and less money an act of lunacy instead of a showing of loyalty. At this point you have to make your own way. Baking cookies, playing instruments for a band, trying to create art... ANYTHING that can almost be made into a business... because working a an un-guaranteed, part-time, seasonal job in a warehouse with no benefits for $8.50 an hour might be enough to eat, pay a cellphone bill and one student loan payment but, excluding a miracle, you aren't going to be able to pay a mortgage... At any rate, watch the video.