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Made an impromptu run down to Stankonia, home of the greatest rap duo of all times - Outkast, and had an impromptu interview with the man below. Real cool brother. Watch the video.

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And by the way, buy Big Boi's CD... Again.


I am gonna try to write tonight... I promise... But this caught my attention and I HAD to post it up. Remember the Chris Brown Spoof I put up a lil while ago? Well, Affion Crockett is at it again... and this time his latest spoof victim is Rick "Rozay" Ross. Peep the trailer below for the upcoming spoof. Also be sure to check out his YouTube channel where he has many other videos worth watching.

UPDATE: The full BMF Spoof is up on Affion Crockett's YouTube channel. Go watch and subscribe!

John Legend and the Roots... Online...

Saw this when I cut my computer on... Thought you all might be interested. Could be an interesting mix up if I say so myself. Truth be told though, Im not really thrilled with the idea of watching a series like that on the internet. In my book for the most part, Laptop = Work. And when I leave "Work", I dont really wanna feel like Im doing more work. Bring it to the television and you got me.

Robbing an armored truck... successfully.

Came across the video below on AJC's website and I began to wonder... After seeing Dead Presidents, Armored, AND Takers, where the robberies always resulted in somebody dying, why would anybody actually attempt to rob an armored truck in real life?! Well... They did. And not only did they do it; they also got away with it... on foot. The video itself isn't all that informative, as much of the time is just spent just looking at the truck and listening to its engine rumble... Nevertheless, take a look at it anyway.

New and Improved Twitter

Ran across this video... Looks like the crazy addictive, life exposing, frequently crashing website we all love named twitter is about to get more addictive, more life exposing, and less "crashy". They also claim its supposed to be an easier, more rich experience and blah, blah, blah... At any rate, peep the video below.

Halo Reach

Halo Reach came out today... And the word on the street is that it is truly a blessing from God. The video below is from doing a full review of the game. This is supposed to be the last one in the series, after a full decade of producing games in this franchise. It looks very awesome and I probably put my hands a copy shortly.

In the end, knowing that this will be the last of the franchise is bitter sweet. Hate to see a great series end but at the same time, its better to end your reign on top before you overdose your fans and end up being like the old girl at the club... unwanted. Halo, you've had quite a run... but this ending may be right on time.

Tomorrow's Hip Hop

Found this online... Figured I'd share. BoB, FKi, Hollyweerd, Donnis, and Pill jammin a lil bit. Rappin and stuff. You can't make out everything that is said but you gotta love the fact that these fellas can just get together like this and jam with a drum and a microphone; like its highschool and somebody got two mechanical pencils beating on the lunch table (took some of yall back, didn't I?). At any rate, if you put any one of these guys' names in YouTube, you're sure to find something interesting within 3 videos tops. Guaranteed.

Leave that "hood" stuff ALONE!!!

And so it happens again... Somebody comes on the scene with a chance to really shine and can't seem to leave the INS (ignorant nigga [stuff]) alone. This fella from Mississippi State University, who writers say had a promising career ahead of him, went missing. He got in the car with some "friends" to go looking for a weed man in Southwest Atlanta and his folks ain't seen him since. Crazy, right? After talking with his friend, cops learned that the young man had been shot and killed; his body is currently missing. Sad story.

I'm not gonna speak much more on this but, I'm just going to say this: If people are talking positive about you in any way, saying you got a bright future ahead of you... leave that hood stuff alone. Keep the loyal people but, outside of them, find you a different circle of close friends so yall can share problems like "My yacht needs to be cleaned again after that $300,000 party we threw" instead of "I'm runnin low and I can't get in contact with my weed man, so we gone try this new guy." Let Pacman Jones' and Michael Vick's fall from the mountain top be lesson enough that you can't keep doing the same stuff you did before and expect things not to be "different". You got to stop... or at least get somebody else to run ya lil "errands" for ya and keep ya habits in the privacy of your home.

Speaking of habits, according to, T.I. is back in Atlanta performing and stuff after his lil run in with the police. The video is below.

Be Prepared...

I saw Takers on opening weekend. It was good... but after the mid point of the film I couldn't help but start thinking "What can I do to get a substantial amount of clean money, legally and relatively fast?" These fellas were robbing people and it was made to look extremely glamorous, to say the least. Money, guns, expensive suits and casual clothes, luxurious condos, beautiful women and cars; all the tangible pleasures a grown man could ask for, but it was all off of dirty money... which I cant be a part of.

More and more the statement that "a person will never become wealthy by working for someone else" becomes evident; as I watch my people and I work our jobs week in and week out for a pay check that allows us to "get by". All week we wait for Friday... and on Friday we begin dreading Monday; basically only living on weekends.

Today, I came across an article the frugal lifestyles of a few billionaires and I couldn't help but notice, with the exception of having a 10 year old car, I do ALL of this and then some... and yet, they are living quite a bit more comfortably than I am. And so I've come to the conclusion that success in life is all about "preparedness"; being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, with the right tools at your disposal and the know how to use them efficiently. Whether it be robbing banks like the "Takers", developing real estate, acting, inventing, singing, dancing, etc; it doesn't matter. Warren Buffett HAD to have money or, at a minimum, good credit to get started with his real estate. Imagine if he had no start up money and was trying to get started in today's economy where, upon purchasing real estate, you may be asked for 10% or so as a down payment. On a $100,000 home he would need to have $10,000 in hand... and that's just to get started. Without some "favors" from friends or a literal blessing from God, an ill prepared Warren Buffett may have been in a very different place in society.

At any rate, the point I'm trying to make is that, regardless of how small your idea or dream may be, work at it. Work at it hard. Research every aspect of it. One day you may get introduced to somebody or have opportunity knock at your door and you need to be ready to take advantage of it to begin your journey towards the best and most lucrative time of your life.

Tyrese Gibson Preaching... Listen

So, after seeing a few retweets by this fella, I decided to follow Tyrese Gibson on twitter. Several of his messages speak the truth. The other day he posted this link and said to listen to it. Normally I don't waste time clicking on links, because generally its some mess I don't care to listen to, but I made an exception because of what he usually tweets about. At any rate, click the link below and check out what he has to say. He has his own way of getting his point across but the message that he gives is a good listen.

Tyrese's Message

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Black Guys with White Women

Here's an old video I found online with a very comical conversation about interracial dating. And yes, the guy with that hat on is a stand-up comedian.

The opinions in this video do not necessarily reflect those of 713street.
(But it is funny!)


Remember that double feature film that came out a few years ago call Grindhouse? Well, if you went to the theaters to see it, they had some silly previews that they showed off; some of which were either really good or really funny. This movie, Machete, was one of them and now they have made it into a stand alone feature film itself. It looks to be more of the same over the top action and mindless violence that the other two films offered and, with beautiful women and gun play and explosions, the film is sure to be perfect selection for the one day you have guys night out away from the lovely woman in your life. Without seeing it, I can't say much else other than the fact that it may be smart not to go into this with high expectations of a great story. Instead, take it for what it is: an action film... full of action. Watch the trailer below.

Here is a link to more info on Grindhouse.

Said again... - The "Beautiful People" Problem

A while ago, I'm watching TV with my sister and saw where some study was done by some college somewhere in the U.S. of A. (wish I could find the study) that said that the happiest couples/marriages are those that are composed of an ugly/homelylooking man and a gorgeous woman. Now, when I heard this, it seemed to be more evidence to support a belief that I've had for about 7 years now; two "beautiful" people can't be together. I've had my share of arguments with friends of every shape size and color about this. They disagree with me, but Ive had a stance that it takes a miracle for two "beautiful" people to be together for quite a while now. And now this study is co-signing with their "Ugly men make the best husbands" report.

A lot of my mentality came from watching and over hearing the issues that my mother's and sister's friends would talk to them about. They would call with some crazy sob story about how some sorry fella done sat back and done something ridiculous to them but they still love them and can't "get them out of their system". You know, that BS "so deep in this blind and blissful love" mentality they developed from listening to too much Babyface as a teenager. Sometimes I even got sucked in to talking to them about their problems so they could get a "guy's perspective" on the situation. After looking at these girls and women, between the ages of 16 and 45, I noticed that they all had one of two very common denominators: either they were ugly and they didn't know it, so they continued to strive for some guy who was out of their league and tried to play everyone else OR they were beautiful and didn't understand that, with the scarcity of good (100% straight) men in conjunction with the fact that 75% of single women on this earth will do almost ANYTHING to have one of those, they just might wanna deal with the guy who genuinely loves them instead of trying to hold on to this dream guy that they've been searching for for the last 15 years since they divorced their last husband.

QUESTION: Do you know any "Popular Jock/Cheerleader" couples that survived after high school?!? Cause I don't. They don't survive. (Especially if the fella didn't go to the pros...)

The problem comes along with the term "Superficiality". You see, I'm a good looking guy. So I know there's this mentality deep down inside of every good looking person that says "this person better not mess up, cause if they do, I promise I'm finna upgrade the first opportunity I get!" And that's how it goes. An endless cycle of someone waiting on the other party to mess up cause they weren't ever happy to begin with. There's also fact that a woman trying to find a good looking man who ain't gone cheat these days is like trying to find a prostitute without aids in Swaziland, Africa; possible, but few and far between.

I know this lady; She's got to be a good 47 - 48 years old now. She got this guy who likes her and this fella is a straight square, but he tries SO hard to impress her. I mean, this guy worships the ground she walks on and she lets him try but continues to shoot him down. Now, the sad part is that he didn't learn what I learned so long ago - beautiful people who haven't learned how to deal with the "Beautiful People Problem" will never be with someone society deems as "normal". Its nothing he did, its just the facts. As long as she feels like she deserves Male #1, anything less than Male #1 is settling and a person of her caliber can't be with just anybody. The situation is further complicated because Male #1 don't wanna settle down cause he wants to be 100% sure he got all of his "escapades" outta his system before he gets locked into some mess. She can't understand why Male #1 won't settle down, even though she's doing everything he ask and everything she possibly can to please him. And her woes wont end until she realizes that Male #2 is trying just as hard for her as she is for Male #1, stops looking at his flaws and starts looking at the fact that she finally has somebody in her life who ain't gone put her second. She ain't figured that out yet, so she's gonna be single for a while. She is the middle piece holding together the "Beautiful People" Problem.

Disclaimer: This may only apply to large cities where the number of good looking men is much smaller in proportion to beautiful women AND ugly people with a "false self-image" (read: don't know they're ugly) and beautiful people with low self-esteem can throw a monkey wrench into the equation...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman. Talkin loud to draw a crowd.

Originally posted by Journeyman on May 20th, 2009