Leave that "hood" stuff ALONE!!!

And so it happens again... Somebody comes on the scene with a chance to really shine and can't seem to leave the INS (ignorant nigga [stuff]) alone. This fella from Mississippi State University, who writers say had a promising career ahead of him, went missing. He got in the car with some "friends" to go looking for a weed man in Southwest Atlanta and his folks ain't seen him since. Crazy, right? After talking with his friend, cops learned that the young man had been shot and killed; his body is currently missing. Sad story.

I'm not gonna speak much more on this but, I'm just going to say this: If people are talking positive about you in any way, saying you got a bright future ahead of you... leave that hood stuff alone. Keep the loyal people but, outside of them, find you a different circle of close friends so yall can share problems like "My yacht needs to be cleaned again after that $300,000 party we threw" instead of "I'm runnin low and I can't get in contact with my weed man, so we gone try this new guy." Let Pacman Jones' and Michael Vick's fall from the mountain top be lesson enough that you can't keep doing the same stuff you did before and expect things not to be "different". You got to stop... or at least get somebody else to run ya lil "errands" for ya and keep ya habits in the privacy of your home.

Speaking of habits, according to hiphopblog.com, T.I. is back in Atlanta performing and stuff after his lil run in with the police. The video is below.

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