Welcome to Detroit

So I'm reading this article about the new wave of entrepreneurs coming into Detroit, a few scrolls in, a statement about race relations peaked my interest....

According to the article, Detroit is about 83% African American; Most of the entrepreneurs moving in the city are white.  I don't have a gripe about those two statements at all but, the problem with this particular situation is that, when you combine a majority black city with the fact that, due the city's education track record - only 12% of the city's occupants over the age of 25 have a bachelors degree according to that article - many aren't qualified for most of the higher tech positions coming in, unemployed minorities may stay unemployed while transplants move in and take the new jobs.

On one hand, from the outside looking in, this is a "rebirth" of sorts; new business coming into a city and revitalizing what may be considered by many to be dead is a good thing. BUT... If I put myself in the shoes of a minority, who has been working at a car manufacturer since graduating high school, living just a little better than check to check with the inability to save and only a moderate to low education level, I would be in serious trouble.  This "renaissance" would most DEFINITELY feel like a "take-over".  I mean.... How can you have a rebirth and tell the "backbone", if you will, to "sit this one out"?

And so now the question becomes: How can you help people who want to keep their roots in Detroit (or don't have the money to leave), may have the will to work or start their own company but are currently underemployed, undereducated and don't have the wherewithal - including, but not limited to, money/credit - to start their own company?  I wish I had more answers than questions.

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