You know what's amazing? What's amazing is how people will try to discourage you from attaining greatness because of their OWN lack of faith. This young lady I know who started her blog not long ago told the wrong person her dream. She has an ambitious goal set for the amount of views she wants for her blog and the amount of money she intends to generate from it. She shared her goal with someone who immediately told her that she was aiming too high. So I asked myself a question...

I said: "self?"

Myself said: "huh?"

I said: "You ever notice how devious doubt is?"

Doubt destroys greatness by convincing the try-er never to try. It is the enemy. It seeks only to steal, kill, and destroy dreams before the dreamer can even wake up. And, once it has infected the mind of one person, it will attack everyone in its vicinity until it is accepted as the only truth.  People will sit down and try to infuse you with their thought process any time you try to do something that THEY may not think is possible.

This is wrong.

What would have happened if doubters would have successfully convinced the Wright brothers that people can't fly? Or if Michael Jordan would have doubted his ability to ever become better than Leroy Smith? What if MLK would have believed the millions who were in opposition of him during his quest to be treated as an equal human being? Anything is possible. My thought process now is, if I can't find a good logical or biblical reason not to do it, I'm going to do it.... Because I can. Doubt is going out the window.

In the end, to that blogger, I say "Be great and don't let anyone tell you that you can't be." I know I am...

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