Im really torn over this... On one side... Its the President; leave him alone. On the OTHER side... THIS. IS. FUNNY!!!

I know its wrong...

I know this...

Its wrong mainly because this type of ignorance is EXACTLY the way some ignorant people stereotype black people (read: President Barack Obama). The "people" don't need ANY additional information against or ammunition towards strengthening the foundation of underlying hatred that is causing this president to deal with frivilous foolishness that he may not have dealt with had things been "different". SOOO.... Yeah... Its wrong.

BUT... as a person who can look at this for what it is, a spoof, its funny.

Watch it and enjoy. (But not too much because its still wrong)

Lebron James: Rise

Lebron James, in an effort to win back some of the hearts of fans that he lost, has appeared in a new Nike commercial and all he does is ask questions... Some may consider them thought provoking questions... Me personally, I didn't let this man's decision affect me one way or the other; he's still an EXCELLENT basketball player. This commercial... This commercial was fresh. Nike spent some money on it (possibly a LOT of money) to help Lebron save face. Will he ever get to the "Michael Jordan" popularity level he may have attained had he stayed in Cleveland and won multiple championships there?! Who knows... Watch it and see if your opinion of Mr. James is swayed (or strengthened).

Loved the Charles Barkley reference by the way... but, even though he may eat donuts, Chuck is STILL the man!

The Death of Darwinism...

Today, on my lunch break, I made a phone call to an old friend of mine who I had seen only twice this year... He began talking about these people he knows and how a LOT of people are just getting old without mentally "growing up". He attributed all of this "mental failure" to the fact that "weak people" are reproducing. I know what you're thinking, and you're right; that statement sounds completely wrong, but how he packaged this presentation of words was a little thought provoking.

He basically stated that, before the lust within our world went completely rampant, there was somewhat of a subconscious selection process in which, if you were not either mentally or physically strong and healthy, your "weakness" died with you. But now?! Now, if you have working sexual organs it's almost inevitable that you will have "sexy time" and possibly a lineage as long as the grandest of kings; leading to combinations of "brilliant and lazy", "beautiful and dumb", "motivated and unskilled", "physically strong and weak willed", "high IQ with a low EQ", etc.

So here is the question: Has lust completely overridden the selection process and sexual attraction superseded the need for emotional and mental stability?

I wanted to argue with him and say "No, our world has not gone that far" but the more I thought about many of the single people I know of (not to mention the people I see talking on Twitter) and the stories that people tell me, the more I began to slowly weaken my stance. Lust does run rampant and almost completely unrestrained.

There is a part of me that truly hopes that this mental and moral degradation of our nation that seemed to start after the Baby Boomers is just a phase that can be shaken off in a couple decades with a few marathons of Electric Circus, Sesame Street, and a good Christian Bible.

The other part of me?!

The other part of me is just praying that the first part of me is right...

Get rich!!! or at least live forever trying...

I know I post a lot of ignorance on this website, but here is a video that several of us can benefit from. I've touched on some of the topics before concerning the fight, not only remain afloat, but to also rise high above "financial sea level". Take a look at the video below and L.E.A.R.N.

By the way, never sign up for those credit cards that stores offer you for that initial discount; its a rip off. The interest rates on those things are RIDICULOUS. Its also not good to have a lot of inquiries on your credit.


While we making mention of this good music... Came cross this video of Mikey Rocks from the Cool Kids.
Sir Michael Rocks - S.S. (Ft. Latif) from on Vimeo.

Kinda smooth... like an expensive liquor. It works. Now if only the Cool Kids could drop a real album...

Oh THAT'S why!!!

Yeah... So Chuck Inglish, the other member of the Cool Kids, gave the explanation above and also stated that they have gotten out of their deal. Freedom to do what they got in the game to do anyway: make music. He said it more this tho:

At any rate, congratulations on ya freedom. We look forward to the good stuff that is to come.

Introducing... Jay West

And now we have this guy.... Jay West.

If you don't know this guy... Maybe you should.

Or maybe you shouldn't.

No... You should.

He's a rapper. But not just any rapper. He's a "Lyricist" and that makes him better than a rapper, because he uses sentences, metaphors, similes; he has what the old heads call "F.L.O.W.". Quite different from this "I'm not saying anything but I'm riding the heck out of this beat" type of hip hop that the kids have become so accustomed to. He'll be at the A3C hip hop festival performing this weekend (Saturday to be specific), so go check him out.

At any rate, peep the video below. Its sort of a "Promo" for his mixtape Drugs + Candy. And be sure to check him out this Saturday night at the A3C festival.

(Disclamer: I'm not 100% sure if any animals got hurt in the making of this video and I dont think the drugs are real, but the video is almost like one of those Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man on the World" commercials... which makes it seem automatically cool.)

Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or check out his official website at

UPDATE: Here's another video showcasing his talent (if it works). Check it out too.

Jay West- Sticks + Stones from philthegod. on Vimeo.

Stiletto Fit

Usually I don't do this... but something about this is sexy. Its a real class. While some more conservative women may say that the thought of this is a bit ridiculous... I say "think about what ya husband/boyfriend thinks about every once in a while". While dancing in high heels IS very "exotic-danceresque", if I can say that, it seems as if the people in the video are enjoying themselves. As a heterosexual single man, I say *Applause*; not only are you exercising, you've found a way to be sexy at the same time. By the way, good health = WIN!!!

Follow them on Twitter clicking HERE.

The Performance - Matta Fact


So the other day I posed the question to a few co-workers of mine... I asked: Do you think romantic comedies have ruined love? The reason I ask is because a LOT of people seem to have this "over-romanticized" picture of love and relationships in their minds when, in actuality, that "Love and Basketball" love rarely ever happens! If that story would've been real, that fella would NOT have been outside hooping with her late at night on the night before his wedding and they DEFINITELY wouldn't have been "magically" married a few years later. Instead, she would have been single hoping she could "kick it" with him when he came in town and he probably would been well on his way to Divorce Court after marrying a woman that he just "liked" while still being in love with the girl he originally loved. But of course Hollywood wasn't going to tell the story like that because, if they did, they wouldn't have sold nearly as many tickets and they could forget about DVD sales.

The point of my question, to which they answered no, was not to promote pessimism, but to bring attention to the fact that many of us are completely delusional. I go on twitter quite often to see women speak of the type of men they want and what they want them to look like and what they want them to have, etc. On the outside of the laundry list that is their idea of the perfect man, there are some of them who complain about every dude that tries to talk to them; denying seemingly everyone because they don't like "this" or they don't wanna deal with "that" before even giving "this" or "that" a chance. And among this you get the occasional lonely tweet; the "I wish 'HE' was here" (or anybody else for that matter) or the "I'm tired of being single".

And I say to myself: "Self"

Myself say: "Huh?"

I say: "Through all my years of dealing with BS, this year especially, the one thing I learned is that most of us are full of crap. Some of our crap stinks a WHOLE LOT WORSE than others but, for the most part you WILL have to deal with something."

And that's the honest to God truth. I ain't saying stay in no mess where you're being abused, or all of his money going to child support and he expects you to pay every time yall go out, or she got a baby daddy that she live with but they're just "roommates" (LOL), or he's a pathological liar who cant keep his "manhood" in his pants. What I am saying is this.... Give a regular person a chance. I know SO many good females and males who actually WANT a relationship but tend to let good things fall by the wayside because the person doesn't meet that specific criteria that they have set up in their minds as the type of person they "deserve" when deep down inside, they're full of crap too.

Don't believe it?! Alright. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you dated what the popular peers of our society deems a "lame" and actually tried to make it work?

I'll wait...

Now, I know what you're thinking, that sounds like settling, and you don't want to settle. But before you call it settling, lets re-examine the things that would make someone lame:

1. Socially unpopular - Nobody in this world wants somebody that NOBODY in this world wants... But answer this: Do you really want somebody everybody wants or has had? Think about it...

2. Not enough money - this is resolved quickly by answering the following questions: "Are they at the age where it's socially acceptable to have an entry level starter job or be a full time student or at least a good excuse why they may be moving a little slower than their peers", "Do they have ANY goals that may resolve this issue of broke-ness", and "Are they legitimately trying?" If you can answer yes to each of those questions, re-evaluate your decision. If not... politely tell the loser to kick rocks.

3. Inability to dress - completely superficial. Go shopping with them. Buy the clothes if you have to and tell them they look awesome in it to boost their self esteem. Not a good excuse.

Honorable mention:
Not cute - It IS important to be physically attracted to them; the face most of all... but if the rest of their body ain't "perfect" you CAN take them to the gym. Even still, I can't be a reasonable person and tell you to be with someone you can't stand to look at in the face. Can't really use this as a defining characteristic of lame though, because there are some VERY ugly popular people in this world.

At any rate, the point I'm trying to make is that your dream person may not be your "dream" person. It may not come together the exact way that you want it to, in the exact package that you want it to come in. They may be short; they may be tall. They may be big; they may be small. They could be hood; they could be rich. But don't judge a book by its cover. You need to locate the person that has an earnest willingness to be a perfect person. The main reason for leaving someone alone who you just met for the first time, barring bad hygiene, bad genetics or obvious psychotic issues, is horrible character and personality. I understand this reason for letting someone go but, to be honest, this is something that still it takes a little bit of time to accurately access and, in order to do so, you would have to first give them a shot. If you can find absolutely NOTHING in common with that person, fine - let them go. But chances are you'll be able to find something yall can do together.

-The Man in Black

Hi... My name is Gilles Walters.

He's no ordinary rapper... He's also a lawyer. First time I've heard that paired together (although Savage is a mathematician...) I haven't heard this whole project yet but this fella is definitely not on that Waka Flaka. He has a few words to share... with word play and stuff. Not to mention, he's just a cool guy to hang out with. Check him out.

Download his track Epitome of Arrogance by clicking on the picture above. You're welcome in advance.

Follow him on Twitter by clicking HERE or go to his official webpage at

Ode to hip hop

Everybody else is posting it... So I am too. Justin Timberlake... Jimmy Fallon... Ode to hip hop... History of rap... Its pretty alright... and thas all Ima say... Watch the vid.