Good advice for the new year... 2011

This man is saying something that I want to say but cant say quite as bluntly, as I make every attempt to remain pretty politically correct. At any rate, look at the video and pretend its me sayin it, because he is preaching the gospel...

Vick's people fought dogs... They didn't murder humans.

This is not whassup. These people are not thrilled with the fact that President Obama called the Philadelphia Eagles on behalf of Michael Vick. Basically, this fella on fox decided that it was a good idea to say something to the effect of "In my opinion, he needs to be executed..." referring to Vick. This man should not get away with saying something of that nature. Let a black man say this about a white athlete... The media would lynch him. Meanwhile, Big Ben's rape accusation incident is got swept under the rug... *Looks around and whistles*

At any rate, watch the video. Comment. Etc. Whatever.

The "Good" Man

Last night I made a phone call to a friend of mine who I hadn't talked to all year. Somehow, during the conversation, I ended up talking on the phone with her friend who was in the car with her. This friend begin to give me what I like to call the "interview questions".

Nothing wrong with that...

The problem was the order of the questions that I got asked... I went a lil something like this:

Girl: Hey GM whassup? I'm (Insert random female name).

Me: Whas good?

Girl: You gotta hang out with us some more. I've never seen you with the rest of the crew. I heard you dont drink or go to clubs.

Me: Yeah, I ain't really a drinker and the club ain't all that fun if you dont drink.

Girl: Oh ok. Thas good that you dont drink. Do you go to church? Are you a Christian?

Me: Yeah, I do and I am.

Girl: So are you gay?!

Me: (to myself first: Wait... WHAT?! Calm down. Laugh it off.) No, I'm not gay. Far from it.

Girl: Oh ok. Well you know I had to check before I gave you anymore compliments.

She proceeded to talk to her friend in the background saying "He ain't got no kids? (Right) Does he have a job? (Yes) Does he have a car? (Yes) SOMETHING gotta be wrong!!!" Then she starts back talking to me and continues the questions; these being a lil more "normal"; followed by "We gotta get up soon then."


Yeah... OK. So the issue I have with this is, anybody who "wraps it up", doesn't drink, doesn't club, has a car and a job is gay and/or has a hidden disorder?! Why cant a guy just be responsible? I could possibly see her asking this if I was 35 or 40 years old, but I'm still young and this is the 3rd question that comes outta your mouth to a complete stranger? Has it really gotten that bad out here in these streets for Generation Y, aka the millenials?

I don't know...

On one side, I feel her a lil bit because a lot of people these days (both men and women) really ain't worth too much and responsible, respectable, people seem to be an anomaly. The other side of me has no words. Discuss.

The City of Cleveland responds to Lebron James: Rise

And so the city of Cleveland has responded to the "Lebron James: Rise" commercial... All I could say when watching it was "Wow". They answered the question "What should I do"; each and every part of it. But honestly, at this point, the only thing I think he can possibly do to even remotely fix his image is apologize. He never did that. His commercial is aimed at making his haters think and "put themselves in his shoes" but it never addresses how HE feels. Does he feel like he needs to apologize for not keeping promises he made? Or is he perfectly ok with how he went about handling his business?

At any rate, peep the video below... "Quitness"

Daylight Savings Time

And so the time changes...

Ive personally always felt like we spent more time "saving daylight" than we do on normal time. Never really looked into it, but today, my feelings have been confirmed as truth after reading an article on yahoo. The sentence read "As part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the U.S. Congress pushed daylight saving time three to four weeks deeper into the fall in an effort to combat growing energy problems".

I dont like it.

Now it feels strange to have the sun come beaming through your window at 6:43 am (as it should have been the entire time) and Im looking to the sky angrily while Im thinking "I need to be getting this extra hour, not having the sun shine on me to the point where I cant get any rest!" We have 8 MONTHS of daylight savings time and 4 months of "standard time" and , according to the article on yahoo, they add another month of daylight savings time every 20 years. Seems like somebody is trying to speed up time or something...

I dont like it.

At any rate, Im done now. Gotta find me a dark closet or something to go sleep in for the next hour since this super bright sun is already shining.

For Colored Girls

This movie drops on tomorrow. Its another Tyler Perry film and is supposed to be real "touching" and possibly a "tugger of emotion". From what I hear, this is supposed to be one of his best. Seems like its something that many may want to check out. The comment that really made me write was what Janet Jackson said... She spoke about "passion" and working for the love of the art rather than just trying to get a paycheck. While I must say that we do all need to have some form of income to survive these days, I agree that greed is killing almost all forms of entertainment. The money is making people make decisions that they probably wouldn't have normally made otherwise; its also making talentless, money hungry people enter an industry that, normally, they would have left alone. It sickens me.

At any rate, "For Colored Girls" is based on the book titled "For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Isn't Enough". (Yeah... I would have shortened the title too.) Peep the video below and check out the movie tomorrow.


Im really torn over this... On one side... Its the President; leave him alone. On the OTHER side... THIS. IS. FUNNY!!!

I know its wrong...

I know this...

Its wrong mainly because this type of ignorance is EXACTLY the way some ignorant people stereotype black people (read: President Barack Obama). The "people" don't need ANY additional information against or ammunition towards strengthening the foundation of underlying hatred that is causing this president to deal with frivilous foolishness that he may not have dealt with had things been "different". SOOO.... Yeah... Its wrong.

BUT... as a person who can look at this for what it is, a spoof, its funny.

Watch it and enjoy. (But not too much because its still wrong)

Lebron James: Rise

Lebron James, in an effort to win back some of the hearts of fans that he lost, has appeared in a new Nike commercial and all he does is ask questions... Some may consider them thought provoking questions... Me personally, I didn't let this man's decision affect me one way or the other; he's still an EXCELLENT basketball player. This commercial... This commercial was fresh. Nike spent some money on it (possibly a LOT of money) to help Lebron save face. Will he ever get to the "Michael Jordan" popularity level he may have attained had he stayed in Cleveland and won multiple championships there?! Who knows... Watch it and see if your opinion of Mr. James is swayed (or strengthened).

Loved the Charles Barkley reference by the way... but, even though he may eat donuts, Chuck is STILL the man!

The Death of Darwinism...

Today, on my lunch break, I made a phone call to an old friend of mine who I had seen only twice this year... He began talking about these people he knows and how a LOT of people are just getting old without mentally "growing up". He attributed all of this "mental failure" to the fact that "weak people" are reproducing. I know what you're thinking, and you're right; that statement sounds completely wrong, but how he packaged this presentation of words was a little thought provoking.

He basically stated that, before the lust within our world went completely rampant, there was somewhat of a subconscious selection process in which, if you were not either mentally or physically strong and healthy, your "weakness" died with you. But now?! Now, if you have working sexual organs it's almost inevitable that you will have "sexy time" and possibly a lineage as long as the grandest of kings; leading to combinations of "brilliant and lazy", "beautiful and dumb", "motivated and unskilled", "physically strong and weak willed", "high IQ with a low EQ", etc.

So here is the question: Has lust completely overridden the selection process and sexual attraction superseded the need for emotional and mental stability?

I wanted to argue with him and say "No, our world has not gone that far" but the more I thought about many of the single people I know of (not to mention the people I see talking on Twitter) and the stories that people tell me, the more I began to slowly weaken my stance. Lust does run rampant and almost completely unrestrained.

There is a part of me that truly hopes that this mental and moral degradation of our nation that seemed to start after the Baby Boomers is just a phase that can be shaken off in a couple decades with a few marathons of Electric Circus, Sesame Street, and a good Christian Bible.

The other part of me?!

The other part of me is just praying that the first part of me is right...

Get rich!!! or at least live forever trying...

I know I post a lot of ignorance on this website, but here is a video that several of us can benefit from. I've touched on some of the topics before concerning the fight, not only remain afloat, but to also rise high above "financial sea level". Take a look at the video below and L.E.A.R.N.

By the way, never sign up for those credit cards that stores offer you for that initial discount; its a rip off. The interest rates on those things are RIDICULOUS. Its also not good to have a lot of inquiries on your credit.


While we making mention of this good music... Came cross this video of Mikey Rocks from the Cool Kids.
Sir Michael Rocks - S.S. (Ft. Latif) from on Vimeo.

Kinda smooth... like an expensive liquor. It works. Now if only the Cool Kids could drop a real album...

Oh THAT'S why!!!

Yeah... So Chuck Inglish, the other member of the Cool Kids, gave the explanation above and also stated that they have gotten out of their deal. Freedom to do what they got in the game to do anyway: make music. He said it more this tho:

At any rate, congratulations on ya freedom. We look forward to the good stuff that is to come.

Introducing... Jay West

And now we have this guy.... Jay West.

If you don't know this guy... Maybe you should.

Or maybe you shouldn't.

No... You should.

He's a rapper. But not just any rapper. He's a "Lyricist" and that makes him better than a rapper, because he uses sentences, metaphors, similes; he has what the old heads call "F.L.O.W.". Quite different from this "I'm not saying anything but I'm riding the heck out of this beat" type of hip hop that the kids have become so accustomed to. He'll be at the A3C hip hop festival performing this weekend (Saturday to be specific), so go check him out.

At any rate, peep the video below. Its sort of a "Promo" for his mixtape Drugs + Candy. And be sure to check him out this Saturday night at the A3C festival.

(Disclamer: I'm not 100% sure if any animals got hurt in the making of this video and I dont think the drugs are real, but the video is almost like one of those Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man on the World" commercials... which makes it seem automatically cool.)

Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or check out his official website at

UPDATE: Here's another video showcasing his talent (if it works). Check it out too.

Jay West- Sticks + Stones from philthegod. on Vimeo.

Stiletto Fit

Usually I don't do this... but something about this is sexy. Its a real class. While some more conservative women may say that the thought of this is a bit ridiculous... I say "think about what ya husband/boyfriend thinks about every once in a while". While dancing in high heels IS very "exotic-danceresque", if I can say that, it seems as if the people in the video are enjoying themselves. As a heterosexual single man, I say *Applause*; not only are you exercising, you've found a way to be sexy at the same time. By the way, good health = WIN!!!

Follow them on Twitter clicking HERE.

The Performance - Matta Fact


So the other day I posed the question to a few co-workers of mine... I asked: Do you think romantic comedies have ruined love? The reason I ask is because a LOT of people seem to have this "over-romanticized" picture of love and relationships in their minds when, in actuality, that "Love and Basketball" love rarely ever happens! If that story would've been real, that fella would NOT have been outside hooping with her late at night on the night before his wedding and they DEFINITELY wouldn't have been "magically" married a few years later. Instead, she would have been single hoping she could "kick it" with him when he came in town and he probably would been well on his way to Divorce Court after marrying a woman that he just "liked" while still being in love with the girl he originally loved. But of course Hollywood wasn't going to tell the story like that because, if they did, they wouldn't have sold nearly as many tickets and they could forget about DVD sales.

The point of my question, to which they answered no, was not to promote pessimism, but to bring attention to the fact that many of us are completely delusional. I go on twitter quite often to see women speak of the type of men they want and what they want them to look like and what they want them to have, etc. On the outside of the laundry list that is their idea of the perfect man, there are some of them who complain about every dude that tries to talk to them; denying seemingly everyone because they don't like "this" or they don't wanna deal with "that" before even giving "this" or "that" a chance. And among this you get the occasional lonely tweet; the "I wish 'HE' was here" (or anybody else for that matter) or the "I'm tired of being single".

And I say to myself: "Self"

Myself say: "Huh?"

I say: "Through all my years of dealing with BS, this year especially, the one thing I learned is that most of us are full of crap. Some of our crap stinks a WHOLE LOT WORSE than others but, for the most part you WILL have to deal with something."

And that's the honest to God truth. I ain't saying stay in no mess where you're being abused, or all of his money going to child support and he expects you to pay every time yall go out, or she got a baby daddy that she live with but they're just "roommates" (LOL), or he's a pathological liar who cant keep his "manhood" in his pants. What I am saying is this.... Give a regular person a chance. I know SO many good females and males who actually WANT a relationship but tend to let good things fall by the wayside because the person doesn't meet that specific criteria that they have set up in their minds as the type of person they "deserve" when deep down inside, they're full of crap too.

Don't believe it?! Alright. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you dated what the popular peers of our society deems a "lame" and actually tried to make it work?

I'll wait...

Now, I know what you're thinking, that sounds like settling, and you don't want to settle. But before you call it settling, lets re-examine the things that would make someone lame:

1. Socially unpopular - Nobody in this world wants somebody that NOBODY in this world wants... But answer this: Do you really want somebody everybody wants or has had? Think about it...

2. Not enough money - this is resolved quickly by answering the following questions: "Are they at the age where it's socially acceptable to have an entry level starter job or be a full time student or at least a good excuse why they may be moving a little slower than their peers", "Do they have ANY goals that may resolve this issue of broke-ness", and "Are they legitimately trying?" If you can answer yes to each of those questions, re-evaluate your decision. If not... politely tell the loser to kick rocks.

3. Inability to dress - completely superficial. Go shopping with them. Buy the clothes if you have to and tell them they look awesome in it to boost their self esteem. Not a good excuse.

Honorable mention:
Not cute - It IS important to be physically attracted to them; the face most of all... but if the rest of their body ain't "perfect" you CAN take them to the gym. Even still, I can't be a reasonable person and tell you to be with someone you can't stand to look at in the face. Can't really use this as a defining characteristic of lame though, because there are some VERY ugly popular people in this world.

At any rate, the point I'm trying to make is that your dream person may not be your "dream" person. It may not come together the exact way that you want it to, in the exact package that you want it to come in. They may be short; they may be tall. They may be big; they may be small. They could be hood; they could be rich. But don't judge a book by its cover. You need to locate the person that has an earnest willingness to be a perfect person. The main reason for leaving someone alone who you just met for the first time, barring bad hygiene, bad genetics or obvious psychotic issues, is horrible character and personality. I understand this reason for letting someone go but, to be honest, this is something that still it takes a little bit of time to accurately access and, in order to do so, you would have to first give them a shot. If you can find absolutely NOTHING in common with that person, fine - let them go. But chances are you'll be able to find something yall can do together.

-The Man in Black

Hi... My name is Gilles Walters.

He's no ordinary rapper... He's also a lawyer. First time I've heard that paired together (although Savage is a mathematician...) I haven't heard this whole project yet but this fella is definitely not on that Waka Flaka. He has a few words to share... with word play and stuff. Not to mention, he's just a cool guy to hang out with. Check him out.

Download his track Epitome of Arrogance by clicking on the picture above. You're welcome in advance.

Follow him on Twitter by clicking HERE or go to his official webpage at

Ode to hip hop

Everybody else is posting it... So I am too. Justin Timberlake... Jimmy Fallon... Ode to hip hop... History of rap... Its pretty alright... and thas all Ima say... Watch the vid.

Say hello to JBeatzz

Made an impromptu run down to Stankonia, home of the greatest rap duo of all times - Outkast, and had an impromptu interview with the man below. Real cool brother. Watch the video.

You can follow the JBeatzz by clicking here.

And by the way, buy Big Boi's CD... Again.


I am gonna try to write tonight... I promise... But this caught my attention and I HAD to post it up. Remember the Chris Brown Spoof I put up a lil while ago? Well, Affion Crockett is at it again... and this time his latest spoof victim is Rick "Rozay" Ross. Peep the trailer below for the upcoming spoof. Also be sure to check out his YouTube channel where he has many other videos worth watching.

UPDATE: The full BMF Spoof is up on Affion Crockett's YouTube channel. Go watch and subscribe!

John Legend and the Roots... Online...

Saw this when I cut my computer on... Thought you all might be interested. Could be an interesting mix up if I say so myself. Truth be told though, Im not really thrilled with the idea of watching a series like that on the internet. In my book for the most part, Laptop = Work. And when I leave "Work", I dont really wanna feel like Im doing more work. Bring it to the television and you got me.

Robbing an armored truck... successfully.

Came across the video below on AJC's website and I began to wonder... After seeing Dead Presidents, Armored, AND Takers, where the robberies always resulted in somebody dying, why would anybody actually attempt to rob an armored truck in real life?! Well... They did. And not only did they do it; they also got away with it... on foot. The video itself isn't all that informative, as much of the time is just spent just looking at the truck and listening to its engine rumble... Nevertheless, take a look at it anyway.

New and Improved Twitter

Ran across this video... Looks like the crazy addictive, life exposing, frequently crashing website we all love named twitter is about to get more addictive, more life exposing, and less "crashy". They also claim its supposed to be an easier, more rich experience and blah, blah, blah... At any rate, peep the video below.

Halo Reach

Halo Reach came out today... And the word on the street is that it is truly a blessing from God. The video below is from doing a full review of the game. This is supposed to be the last one in the series, after a full decade of producing games in this franchise. It looks very awesome and I probably put my hands a copy shortly.

In the end, knowing that this will be the last of the franchise is bitter sweet. Hate to see a great series end but at the same time, its better to end your reign on top before you overdose your fans and end up being like the old girl at the club... unwanted. Halo, you've had quite a run... but this ending may be right on time.

Tomorrow's Hip Hop

Found this online... Figured I'd share. BoB, FKi, Hollyweerd, Donnis, and Pill jammin a lil bit. Rappin and stuff. You can't make out everything that is said but you gotta love the fact that these fellas can just get together like this and jam with a drum and a microphone; like its highschool and somebody got two mechanical pencils beating on the lunch table (took some of yall back, didn't I?). At any rate, if you put any one of these guys' names in YouTube, you're sure to find something interesting within 3 videos tops. Guaranteed.

Leave that "hood" stuff ALONE!!!

And so it happens again... Somebody comes on the scene with a chance to really shine and can't seem to leave the INS (ignorant nigga [stuff]) alone. This fella from Mississippi State University, who writers say had a promising career ahead of him, went missing. He got in the car with some "friends" to go looking for a weed man in Southwest Atlanta and his folks ain't seen him since. Crazy, right? After talking with his friend, cops learned that the young man had been shot and killed; his body is currently missing. Sad story.

I'm not gonna speak much more on this but, I'm just going to say this: If people are talking positive about you in any way, saying you got a bright future ahead of you... leave that hood stuff alone. Keep the loyal people but, outside of them, find you a different circle of close friends so yall can share problems like "My yacht needs to be cleaned again after that $300,000 party we threw" instead of "I'm runnin low and I can't get in contact with my weed man, so we gone try this new guy." Let Pacman Jones' and Michael Vick's fall from the mountain top be lesson enough that you can't keep doing the same stuff you did before and expect things not to be "different". You got to stop... or at least get somebody else to run ya lil "errands" for ya and keep ya habits in the privacy of your home.

Speaking of habits, according to, T.I. is back in Atlanta performing and stuff after his lil run in with the police. The video is below.

Be Prepared...

I saw Takers on opening weekend. It was good... but after the mid point of the film I couldn't help but start thinking "What can I do to get a substantial amount of clean money, legally and relatively fast?" These fellas were robbing people and it was made to look extremely glamorous, to say the least. Money, guns, expensive suits and casual clothes, luxurious condos, beautiful women and cars; all the tangible pleasures a grown man could ask for, but it was all off of dirty money... which I cant be a part of.

More and more the statement that "a person will never become wealthy by working for someone else" becomes evident; as I watch my people and I work our jobs week in and week out for a pay check that allows us to "get by". All week we wait for Friday... and on Friday we begin dreading Monday; basically only living on weekends.

Today, I came across an article the frugal lifestyles of a few billionaires and I couldn't help but notice, with the exception of having a 10 year old car, I do ALL of this and then some... and yet, they are living quite a bit more comfortably than I am. And so I've come to the conclusion that success in life is all about "preparedness"; being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, with the right tools at your disposal and the know how to use them efficiently. Whether it be robbing banks like the "Takers", developing real estate, acting, inventing, singing, dancing, etc; it doesn't matter. Warren Buffett HAD to have money or, at a minimum, good credit to get started with his real estate. Imagine if he had no start up money and was trying to get started in today's economy where, upon purchasing real estate, you may be asked for 10% or so as a down payment. On a $100,000 home he would need to have $10,000 in hand... and that's just to get started. Without some "favors" from friends or a literal blessing from God, an ill prepared Warren Buffett may have been in a very different place in society.

At any rate, the point I'm trying to make is that, regardless of how small your idea or dream may be, work at it. Work at it hard. Research every aspect of it. One day you may get introduced to somebody or have opportunity knock at your door and you need to be ready to take advantage of it to begin your journey towards the best and most lucrative time of your life.

Tyrese Gibson Preaching... Listen

So, after seeing a few retweets by this fella, I decided to follow Tyrese Gibson on twitter. Several of his messages speak the truth. The other day he posted this link and said to listen to it. Normally I don't waste time clicking on links, because generally its some mess I don't care to listen to, but I made an exception because of what he usually tweets about. At any rate, click the link below and check out what he has to say. He has his own way of getting his point across but the message that he gives is a good listen.

Tyrese's Message

Click here to follow Tyrese on Twitter.

Black Guys with White Women

Here's an old video I found online with a very comical conversation about interracial dating. And yes, the guy with that hat on is a stand-up comedian.

The opinions in this video do not necessarily reflect those of 713street.
(But it is funny!)


Remember that double feature film that came out a few years ago call Grindhouse? Well, if you went to the theaters to see it, they had some silly previews that they showed off; some of which were either really good or really funny. This movie, Machete, was one of them and now they have made it into a stand alone feature film itself. It looks to be more of the same over the top action and mindless violence that the other two films offered and, with beautiful women and gun play and explosions, the film is sure to be perfect selection for the one day you have guys night out away from the lovely woman in your life. Without seeing it, I can't say much else other than the fact that it may be smart not to go into this with high expectations of a great story. Instead, take it for what it is: an action film... full of action. Watch the trailer below.

Here is a link to more info on Grindhouse.

Said again... - The "Beautiful People" Problem

A while ago, I'm watching TV with my sister and saw where some study was done by some college somewhere in the U.S. of A. (wish I could find the study) that said that the happiest couples/marriages are those that are composed of an ugly/homelylooking man and a gorgeous woman. Now, when I heard this, it seemed to be more evidence to support a belief that I've had for about 7 years now; two "beautiful" people can't be together. I've had my share of arguments with friends of every shape size and color about this. They disagree with me, but Ive had a stance that it takes a miracle for two "beautiful" people to be together for quite a while now. And now this study is co-signing with their "Ugly men make the best husbands" report.

A lot of my mentality came from watching and over hearing the issues that my mother's and sister's friends would talk to them about. They would call with some crazy sob story about how some sorry fella done sat back and done something ridiculous to them but they still love them and can't "get them out of their system". You know, that BS "so deep in this blind and blissful love" mentality they developed from listening to too much Babyface as a teenager. Sometimes I even got sucked in to talking to them about their problems so they could get a "guy's perspective" on the situation. After looking at these girls and women, between the ages of 16 and 45, I noticed that they all had one of two very common denominators: either they were ugly and they didn't know it, so they continued to strive for some guy who was out of their league and tried to play everyone else OR they were beautiful and didn't understand that, with the scarcity of good (100% straight) men in conjunction with the fact that 75% of single women on this earth will do almost ANYTHING to have one of those, they just might wanna deal with the guy who genuinely loves them instead of trying to hold on to this dream guy that they've been searching for for the last 15 years since they divorced their last husband.

QUESTION: Do you know any "Popular Jock/Cheerleader" couples that survived after high school?!? Cause I don't. They don't survive. (Especially if the fella didn't go to the pros...)

The problem comes along with the term "Superficiality". You see, I'm a good looking guy. So I know there's this mentality deep down inside of every good looking person that says "this person better not mess up, cause if they do, I promise I'm finna upgrade the first opportunity I get!" And that's how it goes. An endless cycle of someone waiting on the other party to mess up cause they weren't ever happy to begin with. There's also fact that a woman trying to find a good looking man who ain't gone cheat these days is like trying to find a prostitute without aids in Swaziland, Africa; possible, but few and far between.

I know this lady; She's got to be a good 47 - 48 years old now. She got this guy who likes her and this fella is a straight square, but he tries SO hard to impress her. I mean, this guy worships the ground she walks on and she lets him try but continues to shoot him down. Now, the sad part is that he didn't learn what I learned so long ago - beautiful people who haven't learned how to deal with the "Beautiful People Problem" will never be with someone society deems as "normal". Its nothing he did, its just the facts. As long as she feels like she deserves Male #1, anything less than Male #1 is settling and a person of her caliber can't be with just anybody. The situation is further complicated because Male #1 don't wanna settle down cause he wants to be 100% sure he got all of his "escapades" outta his system before he gets locked into some mess. She can't understand why Male #1 won't settle down, even though she's doing everything he ask and everything she possibly can to please him. And her woes wont end until she realizes that Male #2 is trying just as hard for her as she is for Male #1, stops looking at his flaws and starts looking at the fact that she finally has somebody in her life who ain't gone put her second. She ain't figured that out yet, so she's gonna be single for a while. She is the middle piece holding together the "Beautiful People" Problem.

Disclaimer: This may only apply to large cities where the number of good looking men is much smaller in proportion to beautiful women AND ugly people with a "false self-image" (read: don't know they're ugly) and beautiful people with low self-esteem can throw a monkey wrench into the equation...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman. Talkin loud to draw a crowd.

Originally posted by Journeyman on May 20th, 2009


Laying here... Under weather... reading tweets... and I see this fella pop up on my timeline who I don't even remember following... He posted the following message:


Now, while I was disobedient and I didn't repost it... I did check out the link, which led me to his youtube, and I checked out some of his videos.

Let me say this...

There are very few people who make me laugh... Especially when I aint 100%...

But this guy is funny. Peep the video.

Follow hotdamnirock on twitter.

And after you do that...

Watch this...

Andre 3000 speaks about Rap

Found this old interview of Andre 3000 and he said somethin in the first minute and a half or so of it... Hip Hop's definition has been misconceived.

With what he said and how he said it... I kinda agree. Seems like you got a few old heads labeling hip hop as this or that and disregarding everything else; they drew a line down the middle and called one side "hip hop" and the other side "rap". Its kinda crazy... M.C.'s were birthed at the party scene; basically starting with DJs doing call and response stuff. So in a sense, if you're gonna label stuff, shouldn't hip hop be the party music and rap be the conscious music? I don't know... I'm just talkin.


I am concerned about our generation and the ones after us. The more I look around, the more I see that most of us are completely lost...

A few years ago I was talking to a friend of mine about the construction of music; making beats. During our talks he made a comment that has stuck with me until this day. I spoke of the goal of music being to actually hypnotize the listener. Now, knowing him personally, I know he didn't mean it literally when he said it but I found myself recalling that statement at several different times; both while listening and producing music. During a stressful time in my life last year, I found myself listening to music to "drown out" thought processes that aided in maintaining my stress level. It became evident that the famous phrase was right; music calms the savage beast. I actually began to subconsciously create music that was what I later deemed a "constant distraction" and, at the time, I thought it was a good thing. Bring in a new instrument, pan a sound to the left or right, move volumes, etc; so that the brain can never focus on one thing too long and, as a result, never really focuses on anything. In the end we have a mind that is completely open and subject to suggestion... or possession.

Hopefully some of you see where this is going.

Good music ministers to the soul. Bad music corrupts the soul. There are a myriad of different flavors of music in between but on a grand scale, that's the truth.

You ever notice how lustful and/or angry music is these days? Sex, money and violence is a common theme. Many say "Its only music and I'm not listening to it for the words; I love the beat" and yet no one is rushing to buy instrumentals. Its not the same without the words. Without the words, the music is often "empty". The music opens your mind; the words control your emotion. To bring your attention to the problem from another angle, when was the last time a new love song (particularly from the male artists) came out that didn't mention sex or the lust for someone's physical attributes? To my recollection, they are few and far between. And we wonder why relationships fall prey so easily to infidelity... We wonder why lust and perversion runs rampant among our youth and children are starting to lose their virginity before they are old/smart enough to know the difference between "there", "their", and "they're".

What are you feeding your mind? What is your music telling you to do?

Music can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. A "numbed"/blank mind can be the devil's playground and personal art canvas. The bible specifically tells to focus our mind on God and Christ Jesus for this reason; to pray without ceasing. While it may be impossible to completely avoid music, as it is needed, be careful who you listen to, what you listen to, and how often you listen to it. I often get laughed at these days when people get in my car with me and I tell them that the only music I listen to is my own, with some gospel music and the occasional oldie here and there... But I know my intentions and most of this new stuff is just plain wicked (and not in a good way.)

I hate text messages - Re-Post

I'm posting this again because I had someone comment on the video that reminded me of the foolishness that happens over text.

Here's what he said:

"DISRESPECT, impersonal, cold, etc. These all come to mind when I think of texting. Human interaction these days are messed up. I don't use facebook, but recently I have been thinking about jumping in soley because most of the people I know NEVER PICK UP THEIR DAMN PHONES. Women are at the forefront of the problem, it is almost impossible to go out with a girl if you're not constantly texting each other!It truly has become a sad day."

I won't speak on if its the women or the men to blame but still... it is only possible because of text... Stupid stuff like crazy people flipping out because they weren't able to interpret the tone that the statment was made in. Lies being told. Disrespect from ignorant people who feel like they can talk to you any kinda way over text (when they for SURE wouldn't talk that way over the phone.) The list goes on... At any rate, watch it again... for the first time.

Kevin Hart - Seriously Funny

Funny thing about this video is... I just went looking for this... I went to Best Buy AND Walmart and NIETHER one of them had the DVD! I should've immediately went on a slapping spree!!! Nevertheless... I will try again tonight...

I wish it was the early to mid 90's

So I was looking online and came across this article on yahoo and I began to think of how much things have changed since the 90's. Long story short, the article speaks of the death of the Mini-Mansion aka "McMansion"; the home that's not quite big enough to call a mansion but too big to be a "normal" single family home.

Oddly Built HUGE home... With no land...
For many years we've probably been living in homes that were in excess of what we really need to survive; buying a 6 bedroom home with 3 entertainment rooms, 4 car garage, 5 and 1/2 bathrooms, an Olympic swimming pool in the back... and you're single and live alone. To that behavior I say "Its your money. Do what you like."

But now, in this most recent economic climate, it seems people are killing that thought process; choosing efficiency and utility over the ego stroking "My house is bigger than your house" approach. So instead of asking for 3000 square foot properties, the focus might be more on a 1800 square foot property, laid with every single "green" option possible on the home. While going "green" does cost a little bit more on the front end, the focus seems to have possibly shifted from extravagant to economically conscious.

A "Green" house

Crazy... It is this mentality shift stemming from our horrible economy, effecting all areas of our life, that upsets me. Why? Because "FUN" is almost impossible. Financial independence feels more like a dream or an ideal situation than a realistic goal. To be honest, "economically conscious" is an understatement. Everything in the entire world has gotten expensive except condoms from Walmart and our household income overall is going down. Its terrible.

Let's rewind to 1992... when gas was 86 cents; $5 was enough gas money; $7 for a movie ticket was EXPENSIVE AS H*LL; paying $8 for a alcoholic beverage mighta meant you were balling; you could go out with $10 in ya pocket and have an absolute BLAST; and taking a girl to Red Lobster or Olive Garden meant she was "the One".


From this...

Gas is 3 times that amount. $5 will get your friend put out of the car. You can't even get a senior citizen's movie ticket for under $8 now. $8 for a drink is cheap unless you going to Applebees for $3 margaritas or a "no dress code" club like Central Station where every drink is dirt cheap (and watered down). If you got $10 in ya pocket, the only thing you're getting is a Redbox DVD rental, a $5 pizza from Lil Ceasers, and a two liter Coke from the local QuikTrip gas station; Yeah... its a movie night at the house. Red Lobster has since become the McDonalds of sit down restuarants (Unless you from the south side of town. They still love it for some reason) and dating = chilling at somebody house, using that $10 in your pocket until somebody decide that they're horny.

To this...

If I had to choose, I'd say give me the 90's.

Nevertheless, times have changed. The only way to really get ahead now is to have a job, a side hustle AND a permanent roommate (spouse, best friend, family member, etc) who can help out. And honestly, its a much better idea to have a small place to keep ya utility bills lower, get on a budget plan with those utilities and, if you can, start trying to save $10 a week in an effort to build up a "just in case something stupid happen" fund. Meanwhile, we should all silently pray that we won't have to begin permanently living as extended families.

The Cleveland Cavelier's new jerseys

So Lebron James leaves your organization and you decide to get new uniforms...

This is a good idea...

But replacing your current uniforms with something almost identical with a more "boring" font is a fail. I dont get it. Seems like they would've done something a little bit more exciting to help drive jersey sales. This seems like a "We know we're about to be balling on a budget, so lets just do a subtle change so it wont cost us too much. We can even use some of the same material we have in the warehouse already" type decision. Of course I know the jerseys are made by adidas and the Cavs dont physically have a warehouse full of jersey material... Im just saying. If you're gonna get new uniforms, get NEW uniforms. But maybe its just me. Judge for yourself below.



Robbing banks in a lace front

Found this on the AJC... Kinda crazy what a tough economy will drive you to do... These fellas threw on some lacefronts and set it off like Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah.

The FBI is searching for two wig-wearing bank robbers who struck this week for the second time.

The gunmen robbed the Wachovia in the 3300 block of Holcomb Bridge Road Monday morning, three weeks after they robbed a Wachovia in the 2700 block of Clairmont Road in Atlanta.

Each time, one robber vaulted over the teller counter while the other remained in the lobby area and ordered customers to the ground. Both displayed handguns throughout the robbery. They escaped each bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Both robberies occurred between 10:30 and 11 a.m.

One robber wears a short black wig, while the other wears a shoulder-length wig. They are believed to be traveling in a silver Lexus.

Anyone with information on the robbers' identities or location should call the Atlanta FBI office at 404-679-9000.


Hide ya kids... Hide ya wife...

I don't feel like I need to write much this time. I'll let the videos speak for themselves. Its Stupid... But funny

Meet Antoine Dodson as he speaks about the bed intruder...

Now watch the remix... HILARIOUS!!!


As the video told you it would be....

Here it is...

Gapless Playback


Yeah... its Savage. 'Nuff said. At any rate, watch the video.

If you need more info... Click here.


Saw this a lil while ago... Note to self: Keep your cell phone and some chapstick in your pocket at all times. Would you have the heart to do this?!? This is some real life "Saw" stuff!!! Crazy...


Stray Bullets

Ceelo Greene...

I like Ceelo... He's pretty good at what he does. From Dungeon Family to Gnarls Barkley, this fella's music was on point. Now he got a mixtape out called "Greg Streets presents Stray Bullets". I aint listened to it yet, but he got a pretty good track record.


You dont have a choice, click the album cover below and download it NOW!!!

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

Most of the movies based on video games suck... There's no nice way to say it. Mortal Kombat, for the most part, followed suit with its first few movies. Now the director is taking the franchise in a new Batman Begins/Dark Knight type direction and making it dark, gritty and more realistic. I like it. Its dark like MK should have been to begin with instead of sending the characters to fantasy island. Anyway, I'm done talking about it now. Check out the trailer below.


Here's a word from a guy I went to highschool with several years ago... He sent me an email today. I don't feel like typing so Ima let you see what he sent me and let that be it.

Sup y'all. I have a new EP/Mixtape up on DatPiff entitled "Synosis" (EP). Check it out, Rate it, Download it, leave Comments, Share it, just do ya thang. Any support is much appreciated. Hit me back and let me know what you think, because as always I value your opinion. 1NE.

Click the picture to download the mixtape...

From what I hear, everybody aint a fan of the talkin in the beginning but the fella can rhyme a lil bit. Check him out before you download if you're feelin a lil cautious.


The homeboy's website... Check it out by clicking on the name above.

This fella Savage got a different kind of humor about him. Click on ALL his links and stuff! Him and his crew got stuff comin up. Its good. Real good. I'm feeling a lil too lazy to post all the links to their CD's and stuff, but go ahead and check the stuff out.

Savage on FaceBook. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW!!!

You gotta RELATE!!!

Today I listened to the radio show GM host along with his friend Sole and they were talking about failing relationships. It was called When everything is right but it still goes wrong. After listening to it, I realized that I HAD to speak on this issue as well, as I had spent most of the past weekend preaching to several of my homeboys. Some of them fellas got women issues. I can't say I got all the answers but I tried my best to help bring them out of their funk.

Much has been lost when it comes to gaining an accurate perception on what a relationship should be. I think the first thing that needs to realized is that the root word of relationship is relate. You have to be able to relate. In so many friendships or "relationships," we can't get past the little stuff. We still worry about the famous "Let me call you back in a few minutes" line - where we become so accustomed to not being called back that the statement becomes synonymous with goodbye; and by "goodbye" I mean "I have no intentions of calling back, but you can call me back in a few days and maybe I'll feel like talking then". We forget to spend enough time becoming friends, skip right to the "romantically dating" part of the situation, get tangled up in a myriad of mixed emotions that we often cant control and shortly there after, someone gets their feelings hurt. The relationship is not working because the two parties involved haven't taken any time to understand one another. The result is a "shut up", shut down, bitter, and angry society built of a lot of independent individuals who says that no one understands them so they don't bother trying to be understood. Epic fail.

So we build these pseudo relationships, which are purely cosmetic and/or driven by our own lustful desires and try our best to make them work, even though we know, deep down inside, that this wont last.

You can listen to the show below or here...

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By any means neccessary...

They say desperate times call for desperate measures...

The question is, what exactly would be the breaking point to push you into doing something that you wouldn't normally do?

So you look down at your 3 year old son... You cant afford daycare at your current job, making only $22,520 working customer service at a collections agency where you have to ask to get up and use the bathroom. The one bedroom apartment you have is enough to get by but, truth be told, you're tired of the smell of weed and cheap liquor. Not to mention the fact that your kid keep asking what that knocking and screaming sound is and you're getting tired of telling him that the next door neighbors are watching a scary movie...

So you got a decision to make...

Keep living well beneath check to check...

Or figure something else out.

According to this article on AJC's website, more women are starting to "figure something else out". And by "figure something else out" I mean become exotic dancers. The story says that quite a few ladies a lining up at Atlanta police stations to get their $350 license to dance. Some of these women don't want to dance but feel like the job provides "easy money" when the "9 to 5" just ain't cutting it. My heart goes out to all of those who reluctantly do this just to make ends meet but feel forced to do so out of necessity.

My question to you is, if it came down to it, would you strip or do you try and "tough it out" and make do with less while maintaining a job that doesn't cover all of your expenses just so that you maintain your image?

Honestly, that's not a question that I can personally answer without being in that situation. The resilience of a human being's will to survive is a force to be reckoned with. You will be surprised at what you will do when your back is up against the wall.