I hate text messages - Re-Post

I'm posting this again because I had someone comment on the video that reminded me of the foolishness that happens over text.

Here's what he said:

"DISRESPECT, impersonal, cold, etc. These all come to mind when I think of texting. Human interaction these days are messed up. I don't use facebook, but recently I have been thinking about jumping in soley because most of the people I know NEVER PICK UP THEIR DAMN PHONES. Women are at the forefront of the problem, it is almost impossible to go out with a girl if you're not constantly texting each other!It truly has become a sad day."

I won't speak on if its the women or the men to blame but still... it is only possible because of text... Stupid stuff like crazy people flipping out because they weren't able to interpret the tone that the statment was made in. Lies being told. Disrespect from ignorant people who feel like they can talk to you any kinda way over text (when they for SURE wouldn't talk that way over the phone.) The list goes on... At any rate, watch it again... for the first time.

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