I am concerned about our generation and the ones after us. The more I look around, the more I see that most of us are completely lost...

A few years ago I was talking to a friend of mine about the construction of music; making beats. During our talks he made a comment that has stuck with me until this day. I spoke of the goal of music being to actually hypnotize the listener. Now, knowing him personally, I know he didn't mean it literally when he said it but I found myself recalling that statement at several different times; both while listening and producing music. During a stressful time in my life last year, I found myself listening to music to "drown out" thought processes that aided in maintaining my stress level. It became evident that the famous phrase was right; music calms the savage beast. I actually began to subconsciously create music that was what I later deemed a "constant distraction" and, at the time, I thought it was a good thing. Bring in a new instrument, pan a sound to the left or right, move volumes, etc; so that the brain can never focus on one thing too long and, as a result, never really focuses on anything. In the end we have a mind that is completely open and subject to suggestion... or possession.

Hopefully some of you see where this is going.

Good music ministers to the soul. Bad music corrupts the soul. There are a myriad of different flavors of music in between but on a grand scale, that's the truth.

You ever notice how lustful and/or angry music is these days? Sex, money and violence is a common theme. Many say "Its only music and I'm not listening to it for the words; I love the beat" and yet no one is rushing to buy instrumentals. Its not the same without the words. Without the words, the music is often "empty". The music opens your mind; the words control your emotion. To bring your attention to the problem from another angle, when was the last time a new love song (particularly from the male artists) came out that didn't mention sex or the lust for someone's physical attributes? To my recollection, they are few and far between. And we wonder why relationships fall prey so easily to infidelity... We wonder why lust and perversion runs rampant among our youth and children are starting to lose their virginity before they are old/smart enough to know the difference between "there", "their", and "they're".

What are you feeding your mind? What is your music telling you to do?

Music can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. A "numbed"/blank mind can be the devil's playground and personal art canvas. The bible specifically tells to focus our mind on God and Christ Jesus for this reason; to pray without ceasing. While it may be impossible to completely avoid music, as it is needed, be careful who you listen to, what you listen to, and how often you listen to it. I often get laughed at these days when people get in my car with me and I tell them that the only music I listen to is my own, with some gospel music and the occasional oldie here and there... But I know my intentions and most of this new stuff is just plain wicked (and not in a good way.)

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