You gotta RELATE!!!

Today I listened to the radio show GM host along with his friend Sole and they were talking about failing relationships. It was called When everything is right but it still goes wrong. After listening to it, I realized that I HAD to speak on this issue as well, as I had spent most of the past weekend preaching to several of my homeboys. Some of them fellas got women issues. I can't say I got all the answers but I tried my best to help bring them out of their funk.

Much has been lost when it comes to gaining an accurate perception on what a relationship should be. I think the first thing that needs to realized is that the root word of relationship is relate. You have to be able to relate. In so many friendships or "relationships," we can't get past the little stuff. We still worry about the famous "Let me call you back in a few minutes" line - where we become so accustomed to not being called back that the statement becomes synonymous with goodbye; and by "goodbye" I mean "I have no intentions of calling back, but you can call me back in a few days and maybe I'll feel like talking then". We forget to spend enough time becoming friends, skip right to the "romantically dating" part of the situation, get tangled up in a myriad of mixed emotions that we often cant control and shortly there after, someone gets their feelings hurt. The relationship is not working because the two parties involved haven't taken any time to understand one another. The result is a "shut up", shut down, bitter, and angry society built of a lot of independent individuals who says that no one understands them so they don't bother trying to be understood. Epic fail.

So we build these pseudo relationships, which are purely cosmetic and/or driven by our own lustful desires and try our best to make them work, even though we know, deep down inside, that this wont last.

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