The Death of Darwinism...

Today, on my lunch break, I made a phone call to an old friend of mine who I had seen only twice this year... He began talking about these people he knows and how a LOT of people are just getting old without mentally "growing up". He attributed all of this "mental failure" to the fact that "weak people" are reproducing. I know what you're thinking, and you're right; that statement sounds completely wrong, but how he packaged this presentation of words was a little thought provoking.

He basically stated that, before the lust within our world went completely rampant, there was somewhat of a subconscious selection process in which, if you were not either mentally or physically strong and healthy, your "weakness" died with you. But now?! Now, if you have working sexual organs it's almost inevitable that you will have "sexy time" and possibly a lineage as long as the grandest of kings; leading to combinations of "brilliant and lazy", "beautiful and dumb", "motivated and unskilled", "physically strong and weak willed", "high IQ with a low EQ", etc.

So here is the question: Has lust completely overridden the selection process and sexual attraction superseded the need for emotional and mental stability?

I wanted to argue with him and say "No, our world has not gone that far" but the more I thought about many of the single people I know of (not to mention the people I see talking on Twitter) and the stories that people tell me, the more I began to slowly weaken my stance. Lust does run rampant and almost completely unrestrained.

There is a part of me that truly hopes that this mental and moral degradation of our nation that seemed to start after the Baby Boomers is just a phase that can be shaken off in a couple decades with a few marathons of Electric Circus, Sesame Street, and a good Christian Bible.

The other part of me?!

The other part of me is just praying that the first part of me is right...

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