Skinny Jeans Problem...

I have a dilemma... The problem is this: I love Levi's but they make the absolute FRESHEST designs for the skinny jeans; differently colored stitching, extra pockets, zippers, colors, grains/washes/materials, etc... This, my friend, is NOT whassup. I like my clothes to fit; not too big and definitely not too small. Fashion these days is making it almost impossible to do so. I'm a slim dude so the new European cut clothing and "skinny" jeans dont look bad on but I just cant bring myself to embrace it wholeheartedly. The jump is just a bit much for me.

How did we go from this:

To this:

It's unexplainable. I've tried to stay some where in the middle, but shopping ends up being something like a bad lab experiment with lots of field work. The thought process went from "how can I look cool without looking sloppy or having to use one hand to hold my pants up all day" to "how can I look cool without looking 'sexually questionable' or becoming completely androgynous". Its horrible.

The "regular fit" jeans have become completely bland; you have a choice of blue or... blue, with very slight variations. "Baggy" just looks retarded because all of the shirts becoming "fitted" and that's like wearing bell bottom jeans from the seventies with a Fubu football jersey, only in reverse.



Sidenote: These "fitted" shirts... Sigh... I don't know how I feel about the back of my shirt stretching whenever I reach down to tie my shoes... Large is the new medium and medium is the new small.

501's are cool but I hate the button fly.

And so I am reduced to 3 choices:
1. Deal with the "Slim straight 514's" aka "skinny jeans without the taper at the ankle" and loose out on some of the better designs.

2. Buy skinny jeans 2 sizes bigger than normal so that they fit like regular jeans with a taper at the lower portion of the leg and look awesome with a pair of chucks.

3. Drive 45 minutes to the nearest mall that offers the new 520's aka "regular fit with the tapered leg" that I saw for the first time while doing this write up.

I will take option 3. No more stepping on the back of my pants when I'm wearing the Chuck Taylors. Not sloppy or effeminate - we have the middle ground: The Levi's 520 Jeans for men.



Here's hoping to God that they have more than the same plain/boring blue, dark blue, grey, and black they offer in the 514s and 569s. And if so... Problem solved.

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