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And so today I showcase yet another blog friend of mine...  Meet Cp from Daddiology: 101.  His blog deals with the personal experiences of being a man and being a father in this day and age. Read his most recent post below and be sure to visit his blog for other similar writings.


Written by CP of Daddiology: 101

I’m man enough to admit that at the end of most days when
everyone is in bed and recharging for the next day, it’s usually me laying
face down on the canvas, beat down by a couple of little girls. But even though they may be powerhouses in our home, in the real world they’re just two little sweet, polite, loving and happy children. And it scares the shi crap out of me every time I think about them being vulnerable to any of the craziness going on in the world these days.

Every day I turn on the news or pull up there’s been
another unthinkable crime against children or some heinous story that reminds
me of how dangerous this world is, not just for my girls but all girls and it’s
enough to turn a somewhat normal guy (that’s me) into a doomsday prepper. I can
see myself now hiding in the woods teaching my family how to defend themselves
with paper clips or how to communicate with birds and squirrels.
I know that part of this is normal parent anxiety but I also
recognize how much the world has changed since I was a kid and I’m not even
THAT old. It makes me wonder if this whole civilization thing is played out and
maybe we’d be better off somewhere like the Swiss Family Robinson left to our
own devices where the animals are walking around on four legs and kill for food
or self-defense, not for what they can get from you or worse, for the pleasure.
Maybe I’m tripping but it’s hard not to when you pay
attention to what’s going on out there and then look into your kids’ eyes and
see nothing but innocence and love and realize how much that will have to
change just for them to be able to navigate through the ugliness that’s waiting
for them.
That sucks.

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