It's not ok to beat your significant other

Looks like its ok to beat your wife in Kansas. According to this article, Topeka Kansas has started sending domestic battery suspects home with no charges because they just can't afford to keep up with the cases. Too many felonies; not enough money in the budget. 

There are problems with the budget and they have decided that the families will suffer because of it. I question this decision. Of all things to give up enforcing, I wouldn't think "wife beating" will be one of them. This year, I promise, I've seen more cases come across these news websites concerning spouses and gf/bf abusing/killing each other (and the kids in some cases) than any other time in my life. It's been absolutely crazy. People are snapping under the pressure of this economic and the additional stresses caused by it. The last place they need upheavals is in their own home... and when the upheavals do happen, rather than dealing with it properly, as they probably would have had the rest of their life been ok, the upheavals is proving to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.... Then backs start to get broken, and not in that good way that people previously used to try to make up after an argument.

Now, because this law isnt being enforced in that city, people must live in fear. No more running and calling the police; nothing is gonna happen... unless someone dies - then its murder and not just domestic violence.  But no one wants to wait for that to happen.

I hope this gets reversed and no other city decides to follow suit. My advice to all women (and abused men) who live in Topeka: Move.

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