Bryant Gumbel calls the NBA's David Stern a "Plantation Overseer"?!

Fact: David Stern needs to end this dispute and let the NBA come back. I hate the lockout and I know Stern holds the keys to ending it but, I cant go as far as this fella, Bryant Gumbel, went. Stern does seem to want to run a tight ship... But what's wrong with order? What's wrong with wanting your employees to look professional on camera? Believe it or not, white people are still the majority. And since they are the majority and he wants the majority to love basketball, he needs his organization to appeal to the majority. That means no du-rags, no backwards caps, no sagging jeans with the matching boxers, etc. And there is nothing wrong with that. Is that racist to ask that players to use a little discretion when at team events? Last I check, I couldn't come to work with flip flops, an A-shirt (aka wife beater), some long shorts and a du-rag on my head either. Did I whine? No. I got to work. Attire may not affect your work or work ethic, but it does affect your image and how much (white) people like you... and that can affect the league's bottom line.

People also question his "players must be 19 to play" rule; Calling it racist. Again, I beg to differ. Dont ALL races have to be 19 for them to play in the NBA? Is there some special loop hole for white people that allows them to come out early anyways? Making the kid go to college ONE YEAR aint hurting these fellas at all. A lil maturing and practice with some better competition under a coach with a different style of coaching than their highschool had will do them more good than it does harm... but this is called a "racist" move. Why? Is it because white kids have the opportunity to go on to play college ball and black kids don't? That cant be it; not when the same talent that can get you in the NBA can get you a full ride scholarship to most big name colleges with exposure. Are they afraid that they could be hurt in that ONE extra year and that injury may ruin their career chances? Possibly. But, honestly? Come on son.

I love black people. I love basketball. I love when young talent comes to the NBA. But I think this race card was more about making Bryant Gumbel a household name again for a day than it was about what's really going on inside David Stern's mind. And since that was the goal... Mission accomplished.

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