Stephenson High School vs MLK

I guess this game is a pretty big deal on the eastside of Atlanta... MLK vs Stephenson, both 9-0, are going at it this Friday at Hallford Stadium around 7:30pm. Somebody has to win... Somebody has to go home with a "1" in the loss column. This fella done sat back and made a song about the rivalry.

(Sidenote: The fella mighta said something true in his rap... Stephenson is known for their "Superband"... ain't nobody talking about MLK's band. When he said it, I had to pause myself and ask "Wait... DOES MLK have a band?!")

Crazy how this lil music video trend has started for highschool pep rallies and stuff. According to an article on AJC, Grayson kinda got things started with a song called "Brookwood, where you at?" (Sidenote: Where IS Brookwood? And while we're asking, where is Grayson?!). Anyway, "KUDOS" to you Grayson fellas for starting this up (Nobody says kudos but Im giving praise to Grayson, so its cool). I posted their video below if you wanna take a look at it. Its a cool lil rap song.

I didn't watch the whole video from either school but, from what I saw, you can tell who had money to get professional camera (with professional camera lenses, I might add) and took time to do some heavy editing... not to mention the wherewithal, according to their youtube, to put their original song on itunes as well... That being said, you gotta love the team spirit from each school. I like what's happening.

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  1. I absolutely love what's happening too, I like the creativity our youth are showing, and the fact that the raps were clean and they are doing something productive with their time.