One won't do and two is not enough...

So I'm eavesdropping at work today and overhear some ladies talking about this tv show that comes on TLC called The Sister Wives... Long story short, I end up with this link in my email so I could check the show out. The clip below is what I saw.... Check the video out and then read on beneath it.

This has got to be some of the strangest sounding stuff I have heard in quite a while. Polygamy. Sounds like it might be the life for the dude, as he gets a license to be with 4 different women whenever he pleases - as they all "rotate" and share their nights with him. At first I questioned the self esteem of the women. Then I questioned the sanity of the man. Then I started thinking of ways where I could actually see this situation working out for both parties...

Benefit one: Multiple streams of income. This is self explanatory. Ain't nothin like a lil teamwork to help a family make it through today's tough economy. The more working adults you have, the higher the household income.

Benefit two: Safer sex. Everybody already has an understanding in this situation. When a person is screwing around outside the marriage, there is no telling WHAT kinda disease the outsiders may be bringing into your household. With this, you know the full health record of all of your partner's partners.

Benefit three: Shared cooking, cleaning, and child rearing responsibilities. How many moms out there would like to take a day off and let somebody else play mom while they take a break for the day? I'm guessing there are more than a couple who wouldn't mind having a mini "mommy vacation". Even if its just one day a week.

NOW, with all of that being said... This is still quite odd to see in this capacity inside the borders of the United States. I ain't really feeling it. I wouldn't want this situation at all. Not only cause it seems weird, but because dealing with the personalities of 4 different women who are from where I'm from and trying to keep them all happy at the same time sounds like a recipe for disaster. I wanna life a long healthy life... not get stabbed trying to break up a fight between two women who are upset because they think I'm playing favorites.


I think I'll be just fine with one.

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