I have a question...

On facebook, a classmate of mine said "Dont you hate when somebody takes FOREVER to text you back and you KNOW that they live by their phone?" It's true. I do. Wasn't enough to make me write about it though... But on the same day, I was on Twitter and came across this tweet where this girl says "I hate when n*ggas act like females!!!" Other girls cosigned her comment.
And I said to myself: "Self?"
Myself said: "Huh?"
I said: "This is exactly why women get away with MURDER in relationships/friendships."
What do I mean and what does this have to do with the first statement, you ask? Knowing this chick and her tweets, this was probably over a phone call that she ain't return for whatever reason... And it probably played out like this:
New guy meets girl and has a decent conversation.
They exchange numbers.
The talk a few times.
A few weeks in, guy calls and girl doesn't answer.
Girl never calls back.
A few days later, guy sends girl text asking whassup with her not returning his call.
Girl tells Twitter that guy is acting like a female for questioning her phone etiquette, then goes on to explain that she pays her bill and she can do what she likes.

And so the guy ends up in a lose lose lose situation. If he let's it go and let's her win, she'll keep ignoring him and he'll stay right in the position he's in - forever chasing. If he complains, he runs the risk of getting called a female - at which point some guys will let it go and let her win. If he wants to save face, the only choice he has is to quit calling and act like she doesn't exist. But if youre really trying to date, this ain't really an option... So most times, if the guy actually cares, the guy concedes, one way or another, for the sake of tryin to salvage the situation.

As a guy, I think many will agree that we hate to argue over stupid stuff and we hate to be lied to. Not me, you, nor Jesus is believing those "I've been busy/sleep/sick/working late/at the gym the last 3 days and that's why you haven't been a thought process" stories... At this point we really wanna say "Shawty, forget all of that. You taking too long." But we keep quiet to keep peace... because if we speak out against it, we're acting "like a female". But I can't help but wonder... Why is this behavior socially acceptable? I remember I got screamed on for not taking my cell phone with me while walking around the house after "taking too long in the shower" (Crazy, I know, but it happen), but we can't yell at yall for NOTHING! What would REALLY happen if we all just started screaming on them like they scream on us for "leaving our phone on vibrate all day"? (Lol!) What if we told THEM to woMAN UP and take responsibility for their actions instead of making excuses? I guess then we'd be acting like females and it would look a lil somethin like this...
Men get caught cheating because women ask questions until the man's lies stop making sense. Women don't get caught cheating because, according to society's standards, we can't ask questions without being called a female or insecure. I guess this is one double standard that they have in their favor...

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