The Nike "McFly's" are here... for real

So after all this time, they're finally putting them out. The real deal too. Not those Kobe Hyperdunk Back to the Future wannabees. We're talking about the ones Marty McFly wore himself in Back to the Future II. The ones that laced up by themselves. I've had my eye on these for a WHILE and now that they're here... I will watch other people enjoy them. With the release being limited to like 1500 pairs, getting your hands on these babies for a reasonable cost is gonna be quite a task. They're being auctioned off on ebay for Michael J. Fox's foundation (He suffers from Parkinson disease). Here's hoping that God lays it on somebody's heart to hold me a pair to the side so that I can look fresh. no longer exist but the owner of the sight was vigilant in his campaign as you can see in a story about him (which connects to an interview with him) here.

The laces won't actually work like in the movie, the strap seems a touch bit too high, and the shoe looks a little more colorful than it did in the movie but nevertheless, its still VERY crazy to see them come to reality. Now we just need that Hover Board he was skating on...

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