A Caste System for dating

Disclaimer: This was just a crazy thought that popped in my head so don't take any of this seriously.

You know what I've been thinking about recently? What if there were official social classes for dating? Over the years I have heard many conversations where women (and some men) make comments asking why "person A" is with "person B" or how did "person A" get someone who looks THAT good. I couldn't help but wonder, what if there was an actual caste system set up which told you, based on looks and financial status, who you could and could not date/marry?

There are those "opposite's attract" type situations where the rich person marries the "commoner" who they say makes them feel "normal." The nice person sometimes wins the heart of the person who has unlimited options. The persistant "ugly" person sometimes makes the "pretty" person cave by simply being in the right place at the right time all the time. These make for great movies and sometimes lead to long loving relationships.

But opposite that.... we've all seen that "their out of your league" situation unfold... where the brother with no job, car, or motivation tries to holler at the young lady whose caliber is of "ball player status" (if you catch my drift) with the professional career to match. He tries his best and she gives him the "why are you talking to me" treatment. Shut down. Or, on the flipside, where the female with no job, car, or motivation tries her best to get the ball player/established career man, with the idea that she can win his love and be the perfect "trophy girl." She tries and he gives her the "since you're throwing it, I'll catch it but don't catch feelings because you'll never be my wife" treatment. Heartbreak. You also see people who may be in the same league financially but not in the same league of physical attractiveness. Person B is shut down purely on superficiality based on Person A's personal perception of what beauty is. Both situations happen all the time and both situations occur because the person who is perceived to have absolutely nothing to bring to the table is trying to go after what is perceived as a "Grade A" thoroughbred stallion; Meanwhile, they are operating with "mule swag."

The question then becomes: Do you think it would make things easier or harder if somebody actually blew the whistle on those types of situations before they got started? All hoodrats/trailer park attendees must stay with their kind, ugly people must keep to themselves, rich people must stay with the rich (unless they give up everything), and pretty people must be with pretty people - Even going down to the level of saying rich ugly people can't be with rich pretty people and so on.

Again, I'm just clowning around. But on a serious note... Do you believe there is a certain caliber of person that you should just not go after (IE a fan trying to go after [insert famous movie star/singer] by going to every event, sending them tweets, youtube videos,etc. or is the sky the limit?

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