Rumor: Jordan logo to replace West NBA logo?!?

So there's this rumor going around that the NBA logo is finna change... Haven't been able to find the clip but they say Jerry West has been asked about it and he stated that, if it were replaced, it should be with Jordan's logo. Shortly after this comment, rumor is that Mark Jackson spoke out of his mouth on national TV and basically campaigned for Jordan to be the logo. While I have no words on whether or not they should change it, I do have a problem with the comments made on this CBS Sports video. The fella on the right basically blamed Jordan for the utter demise of the NBA. Saying basically that every since he came into the league, kids are coming in and that just want to dunk. Jordan moved the league away from fundamentals. Like Jordan wasn't about the fundamentals because he lived above the rim...

Excuse me?!?

All Jordan did was dunk?!? He wasn't about fundamentals?!? To be quite honest, I wasn't really a Jordan fan growing up cause he destroyed all the teams I that I was cheering for, but I just cant let this level of disrespect go down. These fellas are crazy. He was more clutch than "Mr. Clutch". He had the unstoppable fade-away. He had the deadly jump shot AND was one of the few guards that won defensive player of the year. ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME JORDAN?!? I can't respect them. 

NOW... What Jordan DID was master the fundamentals and then took those same fundamentals to another level; he did it and made it look easy. You can't hate on somebody like that. Jerry West was very good; this is true. And I can understand the whole "If it ain't broke don't fix it" but to say Jordan wasn't about fundamentals is just going too far...


  1. It would be weird at first, but I think it may actually be kind of dope.

    Put a link on facebook to see what the people think about this... I'm about to do it myself.