Children of Passion (This aint cool but Ima write it anyway...)

The world seems to be getting more and more full of "Children of Passion"... You're probably wondering what Im talking about when I say that... Im talking about ugly people. Children of Passion have two parents who decided to let go of all their inhibitions for one night and succumb to the "desires of their heart". Now, maybe its a situation of being exposed to so many different types of "beautiful" people through the media that we have become de-sensitized and can no longer be satisfied by what used to be good enough to be deemed beautiful - and I'll revisit that notion but part of me just feels like people are just "humping" any and everybody now. Maybe Im wrong for askin it, but when was the last time you seen someone on the street that made you think "You know what?!? If I had to end it all right now with her/him, I would do it". I aint seen that.

Now, it could be the fact that I'm just extra picky and may never really be satisfied but I aint gone accept that; I'd rather blame it on the media for warping my perception. It ruined us all. Cant even see an article now without the broad or fella in the advertisement being all airbrushed up, tummy tucked, sucked, scraped, chiseled and drawn up. We cant even tell what a real woman is supposed to look like to even appreciate her anymore. Maybe this is the reason it has seemed that the Jet beauty of the week is seemingly become less and less appealing since the Olympics were in Atlanta in 1996... I don't know. Seems like society has made it so that "cute" just ain't enough.

On the serious note though, I think it comes from people living their lives a lil bit too hard and too fast at this point in time. Nobody's getting enough sleep; Old folk are piling on cremes and stuff to look younger and young folk wake up in the morning with one foot in the grave. Young girls putting on so much make-up it looks like their wearin a porcelain mask - all in an effort to be more sexy... too young to understand that sexy is a state of mind and not a look. Breaks my heart to see some of these "little sisters" tryin so hard to catch somethin. They've been gettin the attention they've been askin for too. Gettin the pill at 11 is a serious sign that just maybe these lil girls may be tryin to grow up a lil too fast. They ain't the only party that's outta control though, somebody had to bring the penetration to the party. Both parties are pleasure seekers and the kids that are poppin their little ugly faces out are very strong supporting pieces of the supporting evidence that somebody's self esteem wasn't too good and just needed to feel "loved". I know there are a few cases of people just falling in love with each other and the feeling was just so strong that it didn't even matter what the two parties looked like... But considering the fact that people ain't really tryin to get married no more, they'd rather be room mates with benefits, I don't think love is causing the birth of these "Children of Passion". I think its out of control passion that's causing these "Children of Passion" and this out of control passion is coming from low self-esteem; low self-esteem which is so prevalent among young people today that its disgusting. At the end of the day, they cant be blamed for having low self-esteem if their parents didn't help them build it at a young age. But now, with all these babies having babies, nobody is taking time to find themselves; the low self-esteem is compounded - generation after generation, and it ain't helpin if they're ugly...

But what do I know? I'm just the Journeyman - talkin loud to draw a crowd...

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