Charles Hamilton and his Ex

I got mixed feelins about this one... On one hand I'm like "Why would this dude talk crazy to her like this in public?!?" On there hand I'm like "Why was she messin with Charles Hamilton in public like that to get put in that position?!?" The nigga put her business out there... Basically called her some rip... Emotions came into play... Her feelins got hurt... She hit him. Watch:

Now... I read a comment on twitter how everyone was gettin on Chris Brown for hittin Rihanna and now they gettin on Charles for not "handling" his "Brooklyn Girl" but these two issues are not the same: 1. because we know exactly what was said and many (especially women who respect themselves) would say he deserved to be hit 2. because we DON'T know exactly what happened in the Chris B case and 3. because it would've hurt him even more to beat that chick down on camera. I can't agree with the critics. I can't call Charles "soft" for not doing something at that moment. He did the best thing and the only thing he could do: stand there and try to laugh it off like it ain't hurt (his pride AND his face). He can always call the girl later on and leave her a message to apologize so that at a MINIMUM he can say "I was immature, but now I've grown up" and eventually time will heal all the wounds.

What I will say is that he handled the situation very sloppily. As a word of advice from one black male to another, never let ya business get out on the street like that; handle the drama behind closed doors so that at least you can deny everything or clean it up later. "Mess" is bad for the image, which is bad for your money, and beautiful women have a tendency run from messy broke niggas.

The good thing about all this is, next week somebody else is gonna do something stupid and the masses will forget that this ever happened. Use it as motivation for something new and try to save some face over the weekend by leaking a hot freestyle or new song or something.