Nike HTM Flyknit

While looking around online I came across the video below talking about the best shoe to come out in 2012:


They talk like this shoe is the new classic and was the best shoe that came out in 2012.  I love how passionate they are about a shoe. I had actually not heard about this shoe so, I did some research. They seem to have some dope colors.

I cosign them. Peep the below video.

 The downside? I saw them going on ebay for $600 and up. And for that reason alone, I can't do it.  But if you  have the money somewhere collecting dust, they might be worth a look at. (Update: Apparently, there are a few different variations of this shoe. They had a limited edition that dropped in London and then they were released to the rest of the world a few months later.  Maybe there were specific colors that were demanding a high price... Either that or the fact that they are sold out. The "normal" going rate for these is $150, which is reasonable.)

Complex has a long list.  This was number one.  Click here to view the others.

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