Random Thoughts In My Head

You know what?  Today I just want to ask questions and post random thoughts. Is it ok to do that? Feel free to respond to any of them if you have some down time.

1. If you ain't talked, text to or seen somebody in over 6 months to a year, they live in the same city as you do, and you both work regular 9-5 jobs, are you still friends?  I thought "friend" meant a little more than that? Hmm...  So...  If I don't respond, wouldn't it just be like my number has changed and you ain't get the new one?

2. While we're mentioning changing phone numbers... Shawty... I applaud you for having the courage to change your phone number after you got hitched.  More women and men should do this to avoid exes calling and asking you "are you happy?" and planting those seeds that offer a way of escape when you really need to be fighting to make sure your marriage works in a world that is FULL of reasons to throw in the towel before they even get a chance to put their "wedding day" panties on. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM FOOLISHNESS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

3. Speaking of protection... A shotgun will suffice to protect my home... That being said: Gun laws (less than) Mental health. Why?  A crazy person can still build a home made bomb and cause a lot of damage.

4. A lot of people are damaged. Some are too damaged.  And they've been damaged so long that they don't even recognized that they are a malfunctioning unit; they've gotten use to operating at half capacity. I read a book called The Prayer of Love and in it the author, Dr. Mark Hanby, says "Hate is not the opposite of love; Fear is." Assuming that's true, how do you intend on being in a loving relationship "ordained by God" if you have so many walls up that your heart looks like it sits at the center of a rubix cube that nobody can solve cause it doesn't even have the colors labeled correctly for people to match? I'll wait... on second thought, I won't wait. I need a break.

5. Can I take a break from superbowl parties this year?  My team ain't going and I don't feel like spending extra money to feed people 3 types fried chicken, deviled eggs, Ro Tel dip, hot dogs, etc. I do have the right to change my mind for something held at my house right? Don't I?!

6. If we're just talking and I call and/or text and you don't respond within a weeks time, is it fair for me to assume that you aren't interested? Am I supposed to call again? I don't get rules to this game anymore. I quit.

7. More people should quit... Quit being a clone and dare to be an original.  The world could use a little more diversity. Don't be the "second coming" of something, be the first coming of YOU!

8. Making that connection without making it... People should value sex more.

9. Wonder if people accept Ray Lewis when he wins the Superbowl this year or if he will have his moment tainted by people continuously bringing up those murder charges... They definitely shouldn't be forgotten but you can't move forward if you don't learn how to forgive... even if the person shows no remorse.

10. This girl unfollowed me on instagram the other day.  She mad.  I'm trying to figure out how I keep breaking up with people I ain't with. ?!? Guess girls don't like that friendzone BS either...

11. Truth be told... The friendzone is only bad when you really want that one specific person and they don't wanna do right. But ain't that some control freak stuff?! "You won't do what I want you to do when I want you to do it so I'm mad."  Here's some advice: The more you try to control somebody and attempt to transform them into what YOU want them to be, the more you'll push them to rebel.  That control stuff only works on people with low self esteem. Let people be who they are, and if they don't measure up to your standards based on what you NEED in your life, put them in the FRIENDZONE cause it ain't gone work. A disrespectful, cheating, alcoholic ain't gone just wake up one day and start being a completely different person because "you're so sexy." You were sexy on day one! It takes more than talks, sex, and good looks to permanently change a heart... I'll go as far to say that it takes God. But if you got faith for that, why not have faith for Him to bring you somebody who actually likes you? Things that make you say "Hmmm"....

12. Hey.  Randomly call your friend and ask them to do lunch on Saturday. Trust me they'll appreciate it. Sending them messages on Facebook and twitter and thinking that that is enough to facilitate a REAL relationship/friendship is not enough. Our friendship can't feel like a horrible long distance relationship; connect with your friends face to face to form a permanent bond.

13. Epic like James Bond... That's what that track is that I made for Gilles.  The project is supposed the drop in a few days... Thank God... It's been a long time waiting on it.

14. Speaking of waiting... Why do people start liking you after you've completely given up in them? Do you want what you can't have or do you just not know what you're missing until it's completely gone?

15. You're only as great as your vision.  If you have no vision, you can't be great. Pray. Write down your specific goals.  Go after them.

Ok. I'm done.

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