Gemstones - 1st Grader Arrested

So Im sittin here lookin online and come across the following article:


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Athens — A first-grader has been arrested on charges she attacked her teacher.

County police say the 8-year-old girl repeatedly hit her teacher in
front of her classmates Tuesday. Police say she then went outside the classroom and “wildly” waved a large stick.

The girl was restrained by a principal and two teachers until police arrived.

She has been charged with battery, disruption of school functions and disorderly conduct. The girl is in her mother’s custody.

Information from: Athens Banner-Herald,


Yeah so... At first when I saw the headline, without reading the story, I'm
like "This kid is in the 1st grade... They're arresting a 6 year
old?!? Ima have to go with Sealy on this one and say 'Beat her.'"
But then I read the story and see where this kid is 8... in the
first grade... It might be time for this child to be going to a
different kind of school. There is obviously a problem here;
disciplinary and otherwise. I don't know tho. Your thoughts?

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