The NBA is back!!!

After being completely washed of any current players' likeness for several months... is finally back to its glorious form of normality. Full of rumors of trades, free agent possibilities, and hype inducing articles of the greatness that is to come when the season begins on Christmas day. Yes. The NBA is back. Everyone who was contemplating suicide or becoming an alcoholic can relax now; the nuclear winter seems to have been avoided.Sidenote: There was a part of me that REALLY enjoyed basketball this year though... Basketball went underground and the players who played, played for the love... and it was FUN and exciting every single time you caught wind of an NBA player spotted hooping in a street league or rec center. Seeing shaky youtube videos of Kevin Durant aka "Durantula" DESTROYING people at the legendary Rucker Park was awesome to me. His off season hustle, seemingly humble demeanor, and intense passion for the game, paycheck or not, made him instantly my favorite current player in the league - he just wanted to play. He played hard, he played well and he played often. Hats off to you, sir.

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